iOS 9 By Apple – Touch Of The Future

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After the ‘iOS 8’ Apple Corp. has revealed and released ‘iOS 9’ but beta version just like the technical preview and its first impression was on iPhone and iPad, which was kind of technically amazing and people liked it as well. While iOS 9 is clearly an update aimed at making the iPad more productive, something it does fantastically well, it does not completely leave the iPhone out in the cold.

As Google Now and even Cortana on Windows Phone have grown smarter, Siri has been left behind. Thankfully, iOS 9 gives the virtual assistant a bunch of welcome new specialties.

News Apps

Apple News for iOS 9 is Flip-board, HTC Blink-Feed and Feedly wrapped into one app. It features a personalized feed and is coming to US, UK and Australia at launch. No telling if publishers will wrap their content in the fresh Apple News format and the advantage to you. However, is more clear your data will remain anonymous, apart from your Apple ID, promises the company. In addition to getting rid of Passbook in favor of Wallet in iOS 9, Apple is replacing Newsstand with News, and it’s very familiar if you are a fan of magazine style news accumulator.

iOS 9 – Keyboard

Apple has launched what it called its ‘best keyboard yet’ with the iOS 8 QuickType, and it is trying to one up that statement with the iOS 9 keyboard.



That is better than having to hunt for these shortcuts in the second layer of the keyboard menu, and in a surprise move, Apple is making this default layout customize-able and compatible with 3rd party keyboard apps.

Smart Siri Specialties

iOS 9 pro-activity puts even more at your fingertips through Siri. It suggests appointments to add to Calendar, and pulls up photos based on location and time with the sound of your voice. Siri’s location based knowledge appears to be most promising when you are out and about. Plugging in headphones at the gym? It will offer the Now Playing interface right on the lock-screen. Siri already takes over one billion requests a week, according to Apple. That should only increase now that iOS 9 promises to make Siri 40% faster and 40% more accurate.

Releasing Date Of iOS 9

The latter launched first at WWDC, but requires becoming a registered developer by paying a yearly fee.Everyone else who wants the final version of iOS 9 for free has to wait until later this year when it’s expected to launch with the new iPhone in September.

That two month wait can be a good thing. iOS 9 beta 1 and beta 2 were buggy and unfinished. The best features typically don’t launch until the gold master version.