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Premier League Footballers With a Point to Prove Next Season Mesut Özil

It would be grossly hyperbolic to claim that Özil’s time at Arsenal has been a disappointment.His two seasons in red and white have seen him win two consecutive FA cup finals, well and truly putting an end to the seemingly endless barren spell the club had been enduring for the nine years previously.

But then, it hasn’t been spectacular, either.Özil’s contribution has been eclipsed by those of his teammates.In his first year it was Aaron Ramsey who finally lived up to his promise and in his second it was the unbelievable Alexis Sanchez who stole all of the headlines.As such, many have forgotten – or failed to realise – that Özil is a world-class, world-conquering player with the potential to be among the greatest of all time.In order to do that he has to remain free of injury and discover some goalscoring form.

He displays a grace and skill that brings to mind Dennis Bergkamp, but he style is languid and at times apparently lazy and therefore vulnerable to the laziest sort of criticism.The stats belie the myth ofthe German’s languor; he covers as much ground as any other player in the Arsenal squad, if not more.As beloved as he is among much of the Arsenal fanbase, he needs to start performing miracles if he is to truly earn himself the credit his talent deserves – fortunately for Özil, he is more than capable of doing precisely that.


In early July it seemed all but inevitable that Aston Villa midfielder Delph would make a move northward to join Manchester City.The move seemed illogical at the time – after all, Delph could hardly be assured of game time among a midfield so brimming with talent as Manchester City’s.

In much the same way that the transfer of Raheem Sterling was to cause so much outrage, Delph’s proposed move inspired the chagrin of the modestly sized Villa twitterati.So taken aback by the reaction was Delph that he actually reconsidered and then cancelled his move.

Now that he’s staying, he’ll have to win back some claret and blue hearts and minds.But talk, as they say, is cheap – he’ll have to earn his forgiveness on the football pitch.We’re sure all we be forgiven the moment he scores a goal or two.

Angel Di Maria

Speculation is rife that Angel Di Maria may well be on his way this summer.Paris Saint-Germain’s reported interest in the player makes sense, especially when you consider the brilliance he exhibited during his tenure at Real Madrid.Perhaps there’s just something about the British climate that doesn’t agree with him.

Should the Argentinian stay, as many suspect he might, he’s got his work cut out for him.His season last year, which began so explosively, quickly ground to a halt as he had to contend with injury and a break-in at his house.

It remains to be seen whether the Parisian money will be enough to tempt Louis van Gaal to sell the club record signing after just a single season.The Dutchman has been at times vocal in his criticism of Di Maria and sometimes substituting him early – even at half time.Di Maria’s talent is inarguable; it’s just a question of whether that talent will be displayed.

Radamel Falcao

There was a time not so long ago where Radamel Falcao was the best striker on the planet.There were few more apt demonstrations of his prowess than the hat trick he scored for Atletico Madrid against Chelsea in the 2012 super cup final.

Falcao’s first season in England, spent on loan at Manchester United, has yet to see him recreate the form that made him so feared among defenders across the continent.He made twenty-six appearances in united colours last season and garnered a meagre four goals.His tenure was surmised by a particularly galling open-goal miss against Queen’s Park Rangers, after which the Old Trafford faithful seemed to finally lose patience.

Despite this, Jose Mourinho has seen fit to bring Falcao to Stamford Bridge for a second loan spell, where he’ll the fill the considerable shoes of the departing Didier Drogba.If anyone can get the Columbian back to the free-scoring best he displayed at Porto and Atletico Madrid, it’sMourinho.

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