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Important Factors to Consider Before Buying a Phone Case

It’s a fact that the cell phones are in this world to stay. The penetration of cell phones in the lives of people has been increasing drastically with more than 7 billion active mobile devices and more than 60% of the total world’s population owning a cell phone. With such widespread popularity of the device, also comes a wealth of accessories and peripherals that are necessary for the phones.

Buying a Phone Case

Cell phone cases are one of those accessories that are completely necessary since they protect the phones from external damage. Generally, phone cases are designed to serve some specific purposes, like some are shock proof phone cases, some are waterproof cases, and you can even find some cases that could serve more than one purpose.

There are many considerations to look into when you’re buying a phone case, which includes case’s appearance, construction material, design, and price. These are some of the factors that are needed to be reviewed by the people before buying. However, there are such large varieties of cases available in the markets and online stores that people generally tend to find it difficult to choose a good case for their phone.

Here are some of the important factors that you could consider before buying a case for your phone:


Every cell phone has some degree of sturdiness that prevents it from getting damaged when dropped. However, when the phones are dropped 7 times out of 10 they get some sort of internal or external damage. There are even chances of the phone going completely dead when it is dropped from a greater height. This is why it’s important for people to protect their phones with a good case.

Depending on how you use the phone, you should choose a case for it and check for its durability. Generally, phone cases are made from hard plastic, silicon, rubber, thermoplastics, and other materials that could provide good durability, just like the SAVFY Universal 7 inch Floatable Waterproof Phone Case Bag. This case is made from premium grade TPU that gives it great durability.


For the modern generation, the design of the case plays a very important role. Most phone case manufacturers have a range of styles from which you could choose one that you like the most. Some cases are simple and basic, while some have shades and colors on the back, while others are transparent, like the SAVFY Universal Floatable case, which is transparent on both the sides.

This allows the users to use the phone and take pictures, even when they are under water. There are several other designs that you could choose, like the bulky military grade covers that can protect the phone from all types of shock.


Many people choose cases that look attractive and forget to check the functionality of them, which is the most important factor that determines the efficiency of the cases. If a case claims to be waterproof then it should stand up to its claims and should prevent water from entering the phone. There are many phones that would claim they are waterproof, but they may only protect against splashes and raindrops.

This is why you should choose a case that stands up to its claims, like the SAVFY Universal 7 inch Floatable Waterproof Phone Case Bag, which is IPX8 certified and can stay fully functional underwater up to 30 meters.


While almost all case manufacturers claim to provide quality cases, there are only a few that really are of good quality. Most people make the mistake of buying the cases without checking them and just going by the claims and the looks. This is not how you should judge the quality, you should look for certifications if any received by the case that would determine the quality of the case.

Cases like the one by SAVFY which is waterproof has IPX8 certification that confirms that the case is waterproof, snow proof, and dust proof. You should look out for these certifications, and if the case doesn’t have any you can check the case manually and decide on the quality. You can also take the help of online reviews to bet a better idea about the quality.


The fit is also a necessary factor that could determine the efficiency of the case. The case you buy should fit your phone perfectly and should not have empty spaces that could cause your phone to slip out. The case should also let you access the phone features, like the touch and the camera without any hassles.

Generally, in terms of the fit, most waterproof covers lack behind as most of them are not of the perfect size. However, the SAVFY Universal 7 inch Floatable Waterproof Phone Case Bag is different, since it provides enough space to fit in any phone that is 5.5 inches or smaller. It also has a secure lock mechanism, which locks the phone inside and even makes it usable under water.


There’s a common perception among people that the price of a case determines the quality of the phone case, but this is not the case every time. You may sometimes find cases that are very heavily priced but of very low quality. The key to finding a good case is to check the quality, features, and the design of the phone case without spending a fortune on them.

Fortunately, there are many cases like the SAVFY Universal Waterproof case, which provides you the highest quality product without burning a hole in your pocket. This is why it’s recommended that instead of choosing a case based on the price, you should look out for quality.

Phones have become one of the most integral parts of the lives of humans for which they spend a huge amount of money. To make sure the money you invest on your phone is not lost you should invest on a good case considering the aforementioned factors.

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