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Accounting Apps Well Worth Your Consideration

If you’re something of an avid number cruncher, then there’s no doubt that the world of accounting is something of a fascinating one. However, there are some of us who just don’t enjoy numbers, and as such, are always searching for a simplified platform that helps simplify the process. In the long run, this kind of organisation can help to prevent any issues you may have with your business further down the line. Insolvency company MGJL have provided us with their list of the bests accounting apps in 2016.

Fortunately, the world of apps is one that is growing by the minute, so there is always an accounting app to hand, but which of these are truly worthy of our time and consideration?


When it comes to providing professional-looking invoices within an easy-to-understand platform, FreshBooks has you covered. As well as offering users excellent credit card support, it is also able to deliver reports that are easy on the eye, as well as on the grey matter.


Accounting can be a tricky bridge to cross if you don’t have the right mindset, as well as the right tools. Fortunately, efficiency is also at the core of Xero’s functionality. As such, users can use this nifty platform to obtain an overview of company expenditure, such as bills and expenses.

The accounting element is also impressive, allowing users to upload transactions easily, which are then managed within the Xero database.

QuickBooks Online

If you enjoy interfaces that are a joy to look at, then you will love the outlay of Quickbooks Online. Transactions can be easily uploaded, and due to the calming pastel colours used, users will find that they are able to pinpoint important information with a few simple clicks. Even sending a client a professional invoice is something of a breeze.


As you may have noticed, there are a number of accounting apps available, but not all of them account for one important factor of running a business, and that’s chasing payments. While it’s never an enjoyable job, FreeAgent is a platform that is able to give you information about outstanding payments with ease.

Add to this to other features, such as invoicing customers and tracking expenses, then you have a platform that is able to deal with the trickiest of accounting scenarios.


Nutcache is another online app that makes the tracking of expenses and online payments are pure breeze. But another weapon in its arsenal is the ability to manage your time and communicate with clients on a global scale.


The amount of accounting apps may be overwhelming to some, especially if you’re a small business. But fear not, as KashFlow has been designed with small businesses in mind. KashFlow has good rapport with its customers, and as such, only includes features they want, such as the inclusion of VAT reports.

Zoho Books

Another simple accounting app that offers a simple platform that can be used in partnership with other Zoho business apps. Regardless of whether you need a tax report, or just want to send an invoice, Zoho Books is a tool that can be used more or less straight away.

Sage One

Let’s be honest, even with the best accounting app in the world, the finances of any business can still be something of a laborious task. Or it would be, if not for Sage One. As well as offering the features of many other apps, Sage One takes it up a notch by automatically crunching the numbers where possible. This means that you have more time to invest elsewhere in the business.

FinancialForce Accounting

If you’re an avid user of SalesForce, then you may want to consider the FinancialForce Accounting platform, as it was built with small business owners in mind, who use the features of SalesForce. As such, you can do your CRM monitoring as well as your expenses within one handing platform.

While there are many other options available, the aforementioned apps are one that have proven to be a great help to a number of businesses, albeit for a number of different reasons.

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