Algoriddim Djay Pro Is Launching On The iPhone

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Algoriddim is now bringing the powerful DJ software djay Pro to the iPhone with a version created especially for the iPhone 7. The all-new app just takes advantage of Apple’s Taptic Engine to let you feel music as you are mixing, and djay Pro delivers support for mixing up to four decks with live video mixing features included from the iPhone according to the statement by company in Voga tech.

But Djay Pro isn’t really meant for everyone. As the name suggests, it is meant more for people who want to use the app to DJ at clubs and parties and need the ability to queue up additional tracks and visuals.

This revamped version of djay Pro isn’t much different from before. Most of the changes are subtle, that aimed at improving accessibility on a small screen. There are also some new features that take advantage of 3D-Touch and haptic feedback capabilities, though. You can now feel right, left and center spots on the crossfader as little nudges, plus cue marks can be created on fly by hard presses on the screen. Also impressive, it is the ability to feel each kick as you’re scrubbing through waveforms, which helps bring a semblance of actual record queuing back into the process.

djay Pro for iPhone

djay Pro for iPhone

In addition to four deck support, Taptic Feedback integration, and video features, djay Pro also further integrates with Spotify with access to the streaming service’s Browse section directly in the DJ app. This app interface is also very dynamic with both portrait and landscape support and plenty of customization to create a powerful DJ environment on an iPhone-sized screen.

djay Pro for iPhone is available for a limited time launch price of $5. While built for the iPhone 7, it is compatible with the iPhone 5 and later. Also iOS 10 is required.

To celebrate the release of djay Pro app for iPhone, Algoriddim is discounting its other products. The original djay 2 app for iPad and iPhone is available for $1, while djay Pro for Mac is available for $40 and djay Pro for iPad is available for $10.