Android Assistant – Genius Siri Ever

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The Speaktoit, a personal assistant application which helps you in any kind of problem. As Siri proved, personal assistant apps should be more well, personal. Speaktoit not only helps you stay on schedule works in several languages and on several platforms but it even tells jokes, adding a bit of levity to an otherwise dull day. Plus, Speaktoit is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.



Assistant sets the bar amazingly high for every other app to follow. The app has everything you may require from a virtual assistant. From map navigation to great voice recognition and from setting a meeting to sending invites, the assistant can handle it all. The smooth and easy to use interface and friendly quips from the virtual assistant makes the Siri app for android a charm to use. Excels at natural language conversation; Supports quite a few languages and even does translations; Multi-platform support; Some of the jokes and riddles are funny.


Speaktoit has a fairly diverse range of features. The app can read and send text messages, post to social networks, and perform searches for facts, photos, and weather. This assistant can also send you reminders, and, for fun, can send you brain teasers (called Mental Push-Ups) from time to time.


Not only can Speaktoit read your email (supporting Gmail, Yahoo and other IMAP services), but it can search your emails by subject line or sender. The app can also read daily news in a specific category such as sports or tech, keep track of tasks, perform simple translations and can even do math for you when you ask about basic calculations. Like Sherpa, Speaktoit can play music. We said “Play Jay-Z,” and in a moment, it started playing a random Jay-Z track.


The Assistant has been named:

  •  New York Times: Top 10 Android App of the Year.
  • Forbes: Top 10 Mobile App for Productiveness.
  • Red Herring Top 100 Global Winner.
  • PC World: Best free Android app.

It Understands there’s no need to memorize any commands or learn any special tricks to make the Assistant work for you – just speak naturally, the Assistant will understand you.