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Bitdefender Home Scanner Looks For Vulnerable Devices On Your Network

For protecting the home wireless network, most of the people only set up a password and prevents the other people or neighbors from stealing their data. But by setting up just a password, you cannot protect your home network from being affected. It is not enough; you have to do some more precaution in order to save your network from malware.

Because there is a more serious risk of online hackers, which can exploit your Wi-Fi security measures and attack your network. To get rid of this situation, you can use Bitdefender Smart Home Scanner, a security tool that scans your wireless network and looks for vulnerable devices.

Bitdefender Smart Home Scanner

For increasing the security of your home network, you just installed the Bitdefender Home Scanner into your home PC, and it automatically scans the wireless network. Once the scanning has completed, the software will detect all devices connected to your home network and dramatically boasts your security level.

It is a free, means you do not have to pay for this app and it is super fast scanner for your smart home network security that prevent hackers from steal your private information and hack your devices. Bitdefender home scanner will notify you, if it finds some issue in your home network and will show your all information about the issue, and also tell you to how to fix your device. This will also look for weak password and will alert you to strong your password.

In Home Scanner, there is a detail page for each device along with the banner which will display at the top. If the display shows you a green banner that means there is no problem and the device does not found any vulnerable attack. But if they show you orange banner, which means that the scan found some vulnerabilities.

Like the other network protector, it can also report lists of all connected devices, their IP and MAC address, device type and other information as well. If you are interested, so you can download the Bitdefender Home Scanner through the official website of the Bitdefender for free.

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