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Cirrus Insight Announces Email Tracking for Gmail and iPhone

Cirrus Insight, the #1 app for integrating CRM with Gmail and Google Apps, has announced email tracking for Gmail. Now users can receive real time notifications as their emails are opened, and always know the perfect time to close the deal.

Since its inception, Cirrus Insight has turned salespeople into superheros by bringing Salesforce into their inbox and allowing them to close more deals faster. By adding email tracking to their arsenal, Cirrus Insight users now know if and when people have opened their emails. This allows salespeople to always know the perfect opportunity to reach out and close deals, and tailor their messages based on whether their email has been opened or not.

“We see email tracking as table stakes for the modern salesperson. Democratizing email tracking and extending it to individual salespeople will transform how sales is done in much the same way that the ability to track and report on emails has revolutionized marketing. At Cirrus Insight, we’re thrilled to be at the leading edge of this sales transformation,” says Jason Hubbard, VP of Marketing at Cirrus Insight.

Email tracking is available today for all users of Cirrus Insight at no additional charge. Cirrus Insight users can also track emails from their iPhones with the Cirrus Insight Mobile app, available on iTunes:

With Cirrus Insight email tracking you can:

  • Receive real time notifications when someone opens an email
  • Know the ideal moment to contact a lead
  • View open history including time and date, location and device
  • Log email tracking information to Salesforce
  • Leverage powerful email analytics to improve open rates and email responses

Tracking your one-to-one emails lets you see how your customers and prospects are responding to your messages. See when, where, and on what device they read your emails with Cirrus Insight.

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