Four Niche Software Solutions That Nail Demand

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Designing software is sometimes challenging. Finding a market for your specific product can be difficult. One of the best ways to see quick adoption and growth is to find your niche. Find some particular market or industry that isn’t being targeted very heavily. If you can find a niche for your software, you can see explosive growth. Here are a few examples of software niches that have seen great success.

Pharmacy Software

While your first instinct might not be to jump to pharmacy point of sale software, this sector has seen great success in recent years. Being able to quickly and easily scan prescriptions, capture electronic signatures, send and receive prescriptions electronically and store records safely in the cloud is a major boon to pharmacies. In addition, this software meets regulatory requirements such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

Hotel Software

Cloud-based hotel management systems are also a growing niche. While large, chain hotels have been doing online reservations for years, smaller hotels need to get in on this to be competitive. This type of software allows you to take reservations from your website or Facebook, allows pricing adjustments and connects to popular booking websites around the globe. They also offer translations to different languages and currency conversion.

Medical Software

Another growing niche is in the medical field. Many doctors are moving to medical software that gives them an edge on the competition. These software solutions allow them to establish a virtual practice, gives broader follow-up options, provides an avenue for video consultations and lets them book appointments and follow-ups. Some of these software solutions will even allow online payment from patients.

Signature Software

With the explosive growth of the internet, many people are interacting with customers across the country or even across the globe. This makes a simple thing like getting a signature become a complicated process. Some new niche software solutions make electronic signatures simple and easy. Simply upload a PDF or other document to the site, then send a link to your customer. Once they create an account, they can sign the document electronically and have it back to you in minutes. This is very useful for several different business types and departments. This includes real estate companies, banks, legal offices and human resource departments.

As you work on your next software solution, study the market. There is always going to be demand for a product that hasn’t yet been filled. You just have to find your niche and beat everyone else to the punch.