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How Does a Hospitality Kiosk Work?

If you’re considering installing a hospitality kiosk, you must consider a few things. For example, you might be looking to reduce wait times. Moreover, this is an excellent option if you’d like to enhance the guest experience. It also integrates with a PMS system and allows guests to make payments. If you’re unsure which benefits will make your guests happy, continue reading for more information.

Reduces wait times

A self-service kiosk is a convenient way for customers to receive food or drink without waiting in line. Customers use the self-service kiosk to enter their names and choose a service from a menu. The data are then stored and available later. This reduces the wait time and strain on the counter staff. It also promotes social distancing. The self-service kiosk is particularly popular with customers aged 33 to 44.

A hospitality kiosk or a hotel kiosk helps restaurants increase their upsells. While most staff members are trained to upsell, not all do it with every transaction. Restaurants often aim to reduce the line length by using a kiosk. This way, the customer can benefit from upselling simultaneously, reducing the perceived wait time. The kiosk also helps the restaurant reduce the risk of coronavirus. In addition to reducing the wait time, it helps increase revenue.

Enhances guest experience

A self-service kiosk has many benefits for hotels. A frictionless check-in process means greater control and convenience for guests and fewer lines. A hospitality kiosk, such as the NEC Smart Check-In for Hospitality, provides a simple, intuitive interface that walks guests through the pre-registration and check-in/out process. The kiosk can also verify a guest’s identity using facial recognition technology, add additional services, make payments, and print room keys.

A hospitality kiosk can help hotel guests personalize their stay by storing and retrieving preferences. With hotel guests’ data stored on the kiosk, hotel staff can create customized emails for them, offer them personalized services, and reward loyalty with perks. In addition, with the latest technology, a hospitality kiosk can streamline check-in by eliminating queues at the front desk and improving guest satisfaction. These kiosks are also cost-effective and improve hotel services.

Integrates with PMS system

When your hotel integrates a PMS system, it streamlines operations across all properties. It also provides access to a payment gateway. Payment gateways offer point-to-point encryption for credit card data and tokenization for payment authorization. These integrations simplify the payment and authorization process and improve security. The key to a seamless online booking process is payment gateway integration. The following are key benefits of integrating a payment gateway with your hotel PMS system.

First, integrating your PMS and RMS is essential for revenue management. You may manually enter data from multiple sources without a connected system. Second, manually distributing inventory to various channels is time-consuming and prone to errors. Lastly, this process also leads to overbooking and no guarantee that the entire inventory will sell. Fortunately, integrated systems provide a single platform to process payment information, inventory, and scheduling.

Allows guests to make their payments

A hospitality kiosk allows guests to pay for their rooms or take out their keys. This payment system integrates with existing PMS or channel managers to streamline check-in and check-out processes and offers robust data reporting. The kiosk also integrates with Google and Tripadvisor to collect reviews from customers. It can also be used to issue room keys from the kiosk itself and integrate with staff phones and other hotel systems.

One popular self-service kiosk is the Mews Operator kiosk. It requires additional installation but can handle up to 20 units. It promises to use AI technology to customize service based on the individual and group using it. Moreover, it can book extra services. Another feature of this self-service kiosk is its ability to integrate with popular communication platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. This self-service kiosk is useful for hotels with many units that want personalized service to guests.

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