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How To Build An App

Want to build an app to help market your business? Or perhaps you’ve cracked the next biggest mobile gaming trend? Whatever the case, here are some steps that will help you to turn your dream app into a reality.

Have a clear concept

Before you can build your app, you need to have a thorough plan in mind as to what your app will look like and what is functions will be. You can get the help of an app development team or a graphic designer if you’ve only got a loose idea. If you’d prefer to design the whole thing yourself, you’ll probably want to download some professional design tools (the likes of are free to download and very powerful). Do your research into existing apps and try to find ways to single yourself out from these other apps in a positive way.

Look into funding options

A complex app such as a mobile game could take well over $100,000 to produce, whilst more basic business apps can cost as little as $100 (although you’ll probably want to spend a couple thousand for something half decent). On top of this, you’ll likely want to spend some money on marketing. Funding the development and promotion of your app could require taking out a business loan such as these loans found here Do your research to work out how much your app will cost you and decide whether you can afford to borrow this amount of money – you may be able to simplify your app allowing you to build something more affordable.

Building it yourself vs hiring a development company

Build an app yourself from scratch is no easy task – you’ll need to know a programming language such as Java (for Android) or Objective C (for Apple). It could even be worth taking an app development course if you’re serious about turning this into a career venture. Most apps are built using a team of programmers to speed up the process, so consider hiring a few people to help you. Alternatively, you can always approach a development company with your idea and get the whole thing created for you. This is the most common method for businesses looking to create an app for their customers. There are a few drag-and-drop app builders out there such as that allow you to create an app with no coding knowledge, but these will offer limited design and are only a sensible option for small companies looking for a quick and simple app.

Marketing your app

Once your app is built, you’ll want to promote it so that people actually download it. If you’re a business creating an app, you could feature your app on your company website and start telling all your existing customers about it. If your app is it’s own product, you’ll want to invest quite a bit of money into marketing such as paying for in-app advertisement and possibly encouraging professionals to review your app. There are companies such as that specialise in app marketing.

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