How To Recover Deleted Files From USB Flash Drives

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We normally do not count on information from USB drives or SD cards to vanish. Or do we? however accidents can and do appear, for example, it is easy to accidentally erase or overwrite existing data. And then there are the following screw ups too that wipe information on portable gadgets:

  • Virus attack
  • Accidently format a USB flash drive
  • Power surges and electro-static discharge
  • Accidently deleting files from USB flash drive
  • Not properly removing the USB flash drive from a computer
  • Windows may ask if you want to format the USB flash drive

Don’t panic. In case you back up your USB drive often, what you want to do is to restore lost files from backup software. If no longer, USB Recovery might be your brilliant help to get better lost files from USB flash drives.



Here is the 9-step guide teaches you the way to recover deleted files from backup.

  1. Click Start, type backup into the search field, and then click Backup and Restore Center.
  2. Click Back up files to open the Back Up Files window.
  3. While prompted to choose where you want to store your backup files, click on the drop-down arrow and pick out your external USB hard drive or USB flash drive/Memory Stick, and then click Next.
  4. When prompted to select what type of files to back up, click the check boxes to either select or deselect each type of file, and then click Next.
  5. When prompted as to how frequently you want to back up the files, just click the drop-down arrows to pick out a frequency and time.
  6. When you have selected a back up schedule, click Save settings and start backup.
  7. Alternately, click Cancel to save the simple settings. You can return to perform the backup later.
  8. When prompted as to what disks you want to include inside the backup, simply choose the primary hard drives, commonly C:, and unselect the recovery partition.
  9. When the back up is complete, store the backup media in a safe place, away from the PC.