Now The iOS And Windows Can Go Together

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iOSTransfer 3, a tool which gives your iPhone and iPad devices the ability to be managed from your windows computer, which was not even close to be possible before, now cleaning up your iOS device or managing your apps, or downloading online videos is just only at your hands reach with the help of this software.

All devices have their own pros and cons, like the iOS system, and the windows system, they were completely worlds apart, if you are iOS phone owner and have the windows type notebook, you know the struggle, since there lots of iOS 12 tips but not all are useful and it is not easy to keep everything in check with your iTunes, but all these talks are of the past, since you now you can get iOSTransfer 3 and manage all your iOS operating gadgets right on your windows notebook.

Capabilities of IOtransfer 3:

Now transferring your beloved songs, or your favorite photos, videos or may it be important contacts, documents, Podcasts, iBooks, Voice Memos, and apps, is just few clicks away. You can also use it for iPhone transfer from your PC to iPhone or other way around. iOSTransfer 3 also have the ability to convert your videos to audios, or other videos formats such as, AVI, MP4, MKV, MP3, FLV and the it’s not only limited for converting videos but your photographs as well, since the new introduced format for iPhone or Mac is HEIC (High Efficiency Image File Container) which is set to be default.

If you thought that’s all it can do, you are mistaken, with all these features, it also can download your favorite videos from which is Youtube Video Downloader, Facebook, Instagram, etc. All you need to do is, get the iOSTransfer 3 VideoDownload function to your PC, or iPhone or iPad, and you are ready to go.

There is also the improved CLEAN feature which supports to clear more caches and junk files on your iOS device to free up the space you needas well as the newly developed AIR-TRANS, which adopts WiFi Direct technology, allowing you to quickly transfer photos, videos, and other files between iOS device and PC on the same local network wirelessly. And finally the iOTransfer 3 has a brand-new user interface, which is simple, more intuitive and easier for operation.

New Added Thing In iOTransfer 3.

  • New Instagram Downloader helps you easily download Instagram photos and videos.
  • Newly supported importing and exporting Audiobooks from iBooks.
  • Newly supported importing files by drag and drop.
  • Newly supported viewing and editing ID3 Tags information to manage your song library with ease.
  • Newly supported importing and exporting the Contacts in TXT & CSV formats.
  • Newly supported canceling delete action within 5 seconds.
  • Adopted cloud analytics technology in Downloader to support downloading more online videos.
  • Accelerated the speed of loading your iDevice contents.
  • Simplified the connection process between AirTrans and PC.
  • Improved UI for a better experience.
  • Updated 16 multi-languages.