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Optimizing Your Help Desk: The Best Practices that Improve Customer Service While Lowering Costs

Help desk software is not only used by large corporations. Small businesses also make use of it to improve their customer service, increase customer satisfaction, and streamline their support processes.

But how should you make the most of your help desk software to improve your customer service at the same time as cutting costs?

Here are some ideas you might want to implement.

Improve Your Knowledge Base

One of the main features of a good help desk software solution is the knowledge base. This is one of the best ways to improve your customer service at the same time as reducing the amount of time you spend on dealing with queries.

A knowledge base like that provided by SysAid’s helpdesk software consists of a deposit of information covering the answers to the most common questions your customers have.

To start creating one, think of all the most common questions and answers, then write these out along with instructions for how to resolve the problems and start creating your database.

After this, continue to add answers to the database so you create a library of content. Whenever your support agents find that they are answering the same question multiple times, or they realize that a particular problem could be resolved by the customer with the right information, add it to the knowledge base.

Customers can then search for solutions on their own, which is often quicker and more convenient for them because they don’t have to wait around for answers.

It also takes the pressure off your support agents so they can dedicate their time to more complex customer issues, and this can help to save a lot of time. It can also help to reduce staff turnover by making the job less intensive for support agents, saving your business money.

Talk to Customers Directly Via Live Chat

Another way that you can provide better customer service is via a Live Chat feature, which has many benefits. Many businesses now provide this option on their websites, and you can do the same.

Sometimes customers do not want to send multiple emails back and forth, especially when they have a more complex issue to solve, and they would prefer to speak to someone in person to get the issue completely resolved in one go rather than having to keep on sending questions via email.

Live chat is one of the features provided by good help desk software. Check that it is included in your solution when you are choosing help desk software for your business, and start providing it to your customers.

Benefit from Automation

Some help desk software includes automation features that can help you to improve your customer support while taking the pressure off your agents.

For example, when someone submits a help request, you could send out an automated email reply explaining that a support agent is looking into the situation for you.

This has a number of benefits. Firstly, the customer knows that their request has been received, and this will prevent them from sending in another request, which they might do if they think their first request has not been received.

It also saves time for your support agents at the same time as improving your customer service.

You might also be able to use a feature called ticket deflection. This is where a customer starts to ask a question and the system suggests answers automatically. This again helps to take the pressure off your support staff while providing greater convenience to your customers.

Prioritize with Ticket Management

Better ticket management is one of the main features of help desk software that allows you to provide better customer service while making savings at the same time.

When you are choosing your help desk solution, make sure you look at all the features included in the ticket management.

The right software can help you to speed up the process so customers get answers quicker and with less effort, increasing customer satisfaction.

You can also prioritize the most important issues to deal with them sooner and send automatic reminders to support agents about any unsolved tickets, providing a better level of customer service.

Find a Solution that Works for Your Business

There are many help desk solutions available, so spend some time finding the right solution for your business. You might want to use a SaaS solution for the ease of use and cost benefits, or you might prefer an on-premises solution.

Either way, make sure it includes all of the features you need to provide a better level of customer service while reducing costs for your business.

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