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Sergey Karshkov: 9 Pandas Project – First Gadget

9 Pandas Project First Gadget app

This article will look at First Gadget, an IT product developed by 9 Pandas, a full-service advertising agency that was co-founded by marketing expert Sergey Karshkov.

The 9 Pandas’ IT department is currently spearheading development of a unique mobile app designed with the aim of helping parents around the world to raise their children harmoniously. First Gadget is a pioneering mobile app that connects the real lives of children with a virtual environment. It helps to transform routine tasks into an exciting and fun game, with its amusing character reminding children of what is important to the parent.

First Gadget is a reliable and engaging virtual assistant that offers a system of educational coordinates that are easy to understand for both the child and their parents. The app’s design and interesting and entertaining activities motivate children to try new things rather than simply spending their time watching endless cartoons. The app essentially teaches children to spend their time wisely by taking part in thought-provoking activities, helping them to improve their intelligence, memory, concentration and speech development.

All content incorporated in the First Gadget app is selected and systemised by a team of professional psychologists. Tasks are designed to help children form healthy cognitive habits and reflection skills, as well as boosting their emotional intelligence and helping to improve their social adaptation.

The app is helpful to parents of preschool children as well as five-to-ten-year-olds, requiring children to perform various online and offline quests and tasks assigned by the Fox Cub. Divided into adult and children’s sections, First Gadget’s adult interface is functional and concise, while the child’s interface is bright and enticing, featuring a friendly character – the Fox Cub – who communicates with children in a language they can understand, assigning interesting tasks and providing encouragement, as well as helping the child to manage the app.

In addition to interacting with children, the character also lives his own life, demonstrating a fearless, fun-loving persona, but at the same time behaving in a resourceful and conscientious way. Designed to lead by example, the Fox Cub helps children to cope with difficulties and fears, as well as enabling them to transform boring and routine daily tasks into an exciting and fun game.

To set up the app, an adult creates a profile for their child/children, selecting tasks for them to complete from the catalogue. Next, the parent sets up notifications so that the app can alert them when the child has completed a task. First Gadget also allows parents to select rewards and gather statistics, enabling them to track their child’s progress towards long-term goals while allaying their anxieties over their child’s learning and emotional development by placing an effective tool in their hands.

As a reward for success, children earn points as approved by the parent. For example, they may gain access to an animated series, fairy tale, cartoon or other entertainment content posted on the app’s video platform.

Parents can use the app to:

  • Assign tasks to their child from the online catalogue of classes
  • Add recurring and nonrecurring events to the child’s calendar
  • See how much time their child has spent working towards long-term goals
  • View and select incentives, setting the ‘price’ for them
  • Confirm that their child has completed an offline task
  • Send notifications about their child’s progress to another adult

Whenever the child opens the app, the Fox Cub is waiting for him or her. The character gives a greeting before guiding the child through the interface and its controls. Within the app, children communicate with Fox Cub, playing mini-games and completing tasks to accumulate points. The app enables users to send audio, video and photos to an adult to report progress results. In addition, the app also enables users to buy offline and online promotions in the store, enhancing the app’s character and content. They can also take selfies with Fox Cub.

Developed for smartphones and tablets, First Gadget will be downloadable on both iOS and Android devices.

About 9 Pandas

9 Pandas is a full-service advertising agency that encourages the development of all of its employees’ professional and personal skills. Created with the ethos that work should always be comfortable, 9 Pandas operates a working culture free from a specific dress code or other bureaucracy, providing employees with free breakfasts, lunches and beverages, as well as a recreational area.

9 Pandas provides clients with a comprehensive range of services dealing with all aspects of their advertising needs. The advertising agency consults closely with clients, developing optimised marketing strategies to meet the specific needs of the client company. Other services offered by 9 Pandas include preparing and activating partnership contracts; developing slogans, naming and creative content formats; writing scripts and producing videos; creating identity, branding and 3D-graphics; developing IT tools to expand audience and attract customers; and practicing SMM and influencer marketing.

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