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Software Solutions for Shipping Companies

The shipping business is made up of multiple tasks, starting with warehouse management to coordinating with carriers and their shipping systems, from accepting orders to meeting with customers. If you are doing business the way that many shipping companies have in the past, you might still be working with several different software systems to keep your tasks on target. This method may have been working, but it is too complex to maintain and difficult to adapt as your business grows. Modern improvements in software offer a better solution: ERP software. This software solution allows you to reduce or eliminate redundancy and streamline the efforts of management and employees.

Shipping Company Challenges

Many shipping companies face an ongoing challenge of improving productivity, increasing efficiency, and boosting sales. This must be done while simultaneously satisfying customers and managing growth within the business. When ERP software becomes part of the solution, there are several benefits available to the shipping company. These benefits include a significant reduction in the amount of time and effort that goes into maintaining a successful business. It won’t take long to realize that the initial investment in this powerful software will be repaid in time and financial savings.

Advantages Possible Through ERP Software

Consider some of the following advantages to your shipping business:

Reduce Inventory Costs: One of the most powerful results of using the software is the reduction in inventory costs. This is made possible because the software provides instant updates and accuracy regarding your inventory. With more control over your incoming and outgoing inventory, you’ll find that there are important financial savings possible.

Improved Accuracy: A natural consequence of moving to the use of an ERP software plan is the reduction of mistakes and redundancy. These systems minimize the potential for human error and provide clear information that doesn’t require much interpretation. Some programs will make the analysis and interpretations that you need, so that you can easily use information to make the decisions that affect the success of your business. Some examples of this in the shipping industry are found during the printing of packing slips and VICS bills of lading. Anywhere that the accuracy of documents is an issue, this software provides a solution.

Increased productivity: This is a goal for just about any business within all industries. ERP software provides several solutions that streamline systems and free up employee time. This simplification of tasks reduces that time that employees spend accomplishing them and allows hard workers to get more done in the time they have on the job. Tasks such as truckload consolidation and route optimization positively affect your productivity.

Customer Control: Another important benefit is the ability to turn some processes over to the consumer. Some tasks, such as tracking orders and determining which items are in stock, can easily be handled by the customer, freeing up valuable employee time. These abilities also tend to make customers happier when they do business with your company.

What Solutions Are Other Shipping Companies Using?

Take a close look at the way that you are currently doing business and then compare that to the way things might be handled with powerful software solutions. What kind of software are shipping companies using? If you own or manage a shipping company, the value of ERP software should be apparent. Visit to learn more about all the industries ERP software can benefit.

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