The Ed Tech Tools You Need to Try

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Every year there are new innovations in technology and some of them are particularly good for education purposes. They can also be used in other areas as well though, so let’s take a look at some of them that have become available over the last few months.


Flipgrid is an app where a question is posed and the answer is given in the forms of short videos. This has its obvious uses in education, but could also be used for team building exercises or for making sure employees have understood their latest instructions.

Once a video has been posted, comments can be made so that they who have provided the answer will know if they have got the information correct.


The possibilities for uses of this program are endless. It allows you to take any page on the Internet and turn it into a lesson. For instance, you could take a page from the media, and add some commentary of your own plus some questions, and even insert a video if that helps. You do all this on the article.

This could be a huge help to people that are studying perhaps something such as a masters of engineering management, or an accountancy degree. They could have real-life situations put before them, with questions that would make them think about how to solve any problems.

Book Creator

Book Creator is a tool that anyone can use. It does exactly what the name says and helps people to create books. It does not matter if it is a comic book, or a novel you want to create, this very useful tool will help you all the way through.

You can change the page layout, the font, add shapes and stickers import videos, and text to other online resources that may prove useful. Once the book is complete, the pages turn just as they do with a real book, and any videos will play as they are reached.

This is a brilliant tool for teachers but can be used in any walk of life.


This could be one of the best of the new software tools around. You start with a blank page and then AutoDraw uses artificial intelligence to guess what you are trying to draw and helps you by providing a strip of professionally drawn images of that item.

Every time you change your drawing, the list of pictures change to suit what you have done, and when you see an image that is what you are looking for you can choose it from the ones shown. Then you can color it or do whatever else you want with it, including forwarding it to someone else. It allows you to resize the drawing and manipulate it in any way you want. You can turn off the automatic help if you want, but that would rather defeat the purpose.

These are just of few of the many thousands of new innovations you can now get. You can get them for whatever industry or profession, or for whatever your interests are.