The ‘Report Junk’ Button Has Been Added To Tackle Calendar Spam

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Apple introduced a new ‘report junk’ button to its calendar app following a big increase in spam notifications. This lets users remove spammy invites from their calendar and reports the sender to Apple for further investigation.

This option now appears under the “from” field in calendar invites sent by strangers. When you report an invite it’ll be deleted across all synced calendars, but, at the moment, you will have to visit the iCloud calendar web app in your browser to do so.


Report Junk option

Although spam invites are nothing new for the Apple’s Calendar service, the bogus notifications have increased dramatically in recent weeks and it sometimes take the form of photo-sharing alerts.

Before introduction of the reporting system, many people fixed the problem by creating a second calendar only for spam.

Switching calendar alerts to the email, using the Advanced settings in iCloud, provides a temporary workaround, but that method simply redirects the spam notifications, along with the legitimate ones, to users’ email, where they can be deleted.

It seems Apple is now set to make good on its promise for a fix, then, and we will update you once we have confirmation of when the ‘report junk’ button will hit the iOS Calendar app.

The ‘Report Junk’ option is currently only available on, but a Reddit user claims that an Apple Support representative informed him it will be rolling out to the Calendar app on the iOS, and presumably Mac, soon—which would make sense.