Things You Didn’t Know Marshmallow Could Do

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Since its official release on Oct. 15, 2015, more than one in 10 Android lovers have started using the new Android 6.0 operating system known as Marshmallow. Most users are familiar with new features such as Google Now on Tap and Doze, but other sweet additions exist that you might not know. Check out the following five awesome tricks to make the most of the Marshmallow operating system.

Set App Permissions

An overwhelming 97 percent of mobile malware targets Android devices. If that statistic scares you, you’ll want to use Marshmallow on all your devices. This operating system lets you set the permissions for each app you’re using instead of simply accepting the app’s default settings.

For example, you’ll want to use your new LG G5 smartphone with its wide-angle camera, but you don’t necessarily want your budgeting app to have access to that camera. Giving apps the privilege of accessing certain parts of your devices could leave you vulnerable to unwanted intrusions, but Marshmallow lets you take the power back. Simply enter the apps part of your settings menu, choose a specific app, then look under permissions. Here, you can see everything the app has access to and remove any unwanted privileges.

Disable Peek Notifications

The peek notifications Lollipop introduced might have been present to make sure you didn’t miss important notifications, but many Android users felt they were simply annoying intrusions. If you’re one of these people, you’ll be thrilled to discover that Marshmallow lets you disable them.

Head to the sounds and notifications part of your system settings, then select app notifications. Choose any app, then uncheck “allow peeking.” You can keep receiving peek notifications only on selected apps, limiting the amount of intrusive messages you’ll receive, or disable them altogether so you’ll only get the status bar alerts.

Customize Do Not Disturb

You’re probably already using Marshmallow’s Do Not Disturb mode to keep your phone quiet in meetings or give yourself eight uninterrupted hours of sleep. However, to make the most of the feature, tap the more settings link.

Here, you can establish what priority only means for you and play with automation. For example, you could set phone calls as a priority event, but disable message alerts. This way, anyone who urgently wants you will pick up the phone. Automatic rules automate the Do Not Disturb function, so you could automatically switch your phone to total silence during your normal sleeping hours and change the setting to priority only during your workday so you can focus on your tasks.

Use Google Voice Search From the Lock Screen

The mic icon is so small you might have missed it, but Google has added its popular voice search to the lock screen. Now, you don’t have to log in to check the name of the song playing on the radio or the actor guest-starring in your favorite TV show. This feature is ideal when you want to know a key piece of information, instead of settling in for a lengthy browsing session.

Play the Easter Egg Game

If you found the Easter Egg game in Lollipop, you may be disappointed with Google’s efforts here. This Flappy Bird–inspired effort is almost the same game included with the last operating system. The marshmallow jungle through which you guide your Android robots is a nice nod to the current OS, however. Many Android users likely didn’t discover this game the first time around.

To play the game, select “About tablet” in your settings menu and tap the Android version repeatedly until a large M appears. Tap the M a few times, then leave your finger on the screen for a few seconds before you release your finger from the screen. Now, the game should start. Once you’ve mastered solo play, tap the plus symbol to add your friends to the game.

You’ll find much more to Marshmallow than meets the eye. Make sure you’re using the features highlighted above as well as the most publicized ones to get the most from Android’s newest operating system.