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Travel Apps You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

When you’re visiting a foreign country or a brand new state, you’ll want to make sure you have useful travel apps on your phone. Consider downloading these four apps before taking your next vacation.

1. Free WiFi Finder

Most apps won’t work without a wireless connection, which means you have to either search for free WiFi or spend a bundle on a connection. The Free WiFi Finder will let you locate nearby free Internet hotspots no matter where you’re traveling. The Near Me search option will use your phone’s GPS to figure out the closest WiFi connections. You can also search by location type, like hotel or cafe.

2. Localeur

Experience a new city like a local with this app. More than a guidebook, Localeur takes experiences from locals to tell tourists where they should be spending their time. You’ll get recommendations on where to eat, what events to attend, where to shop and more. The community on Localeur is curated from area insiders, none of whom are paid to give their opinion. You can rest assured that if someone’s recommending something, it’s genuine.

3. Hotel Tonight

If you have the urge to embark on a last minute vacation or are dying to get into one of many hotels in Honolulu, Hotel Tonight will help you find lodging ASAP. The app gathers information from hotels in some of the world’s most popular metropolitan areas and you can see room rates for that day’s vacancies. You can sort the list of available rooms various ways, like by which ones have a free Sunday brunch or a pool. You’ll also see a weather forecast for the area to help you decide if this is really the best time to book a flight.

4. XE Currency

With the XE Currency app, you’ll get rates for various world currencies in real time. You can also find currency information for precious metals. There are tens of thousands of charts with currency information and you can keep an eye on up to ten currencies at once. Tell the app the frequency at which you’d like the updates to be sent to you.

From booking a last-minute hotel room to making sure you can access your bank account when you need to, these travel apps are worth their weight in gold.

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