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10 Off Road Tips: The Beginner’s Guide To Jeeping

You just purchased your first Jeep, and you are ready to go off-roading. You have inspected the Jeep tires and have enough fuel in the tank. Perhaps you have even looked at some lift kits for Jeeps as well as other items to give you peace of mind when you are out on the trails. No matter how ready you feel, you need to remember some basic Jeep tips, so you have a safe, fun experience as you go off-roading.

  • Know Your Clearance: While most Jeeps have a high ground clearance, you always want to be aware of what your lowest-hanging parts are, so you know what you can actually climb.
  • Carry a First Aid Kit: For minor bumps and scratches, a first aid kit will keep you moving without putting a dent in the activities.
  • Bring a Jacket:With Jeep soft tops, you are exposed to the elements. You should dress for wind chill.
  • Have a Way To Communicate: Make sure your cell phone is fully charged before you hit the trails.
  • Go in a Team: You should never go off-roading alone. If something happens to you, then someone should be there to help.
  • Stay Put If Stranded: If your Jeep breaks down, then you should stay put instead of trying to look for help.
  • Avoid Mud: For first-time off-roaders, you should avoid mud and sand at all costs.
  • Check Your Fluids: Off-roading puts a lot of stress on a vehicle. Check the fluids before heading out.
  • Be Flexible: The weather may mess with your plans, but you should not let that ruin your day.
  • Know Your Limits: You should know what your capabilities are as a driver and not go beyond that, especially if you have not gone off-roading often.

Off-roading is a lot of fun, but you need to take it slow. Get all the parts you need from a reputable online shop before taking your Jeep on wild terrain.

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