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3 Surprising Facts All Gearheads Should Know

The state of the modern road system, and the vehicles that travel on it, is a constant source of fascination for millions of people. Whether it’s arguing about the correct way to merge into traffic or just indulging a love for the latest motorcycle model, most of us will have something to say about vehicles of the two and four-wheeled varieties.

Despite being a constant source of conversation, there are a few facts about the auto industry in general that may have passed you by. For example…

Using a cellphone while driving (for texting or calling) causes 1.6 million crashes

This is an alarmingly high number, and one that should convince you to go hands-free once and for all. Not only is using a cellphone while driving usually illegal, but it can also be incredibly dangerous. Pull over to the side of the road if there’s a matter you need to deal with urgently.

Raindrop detecting headlamps are coming

It’s true; the tech is a work in progress, but it’s promising. The headlamps will be able to detect raindrops and then avoid illuminating them; making it easier to drive at night.

The motorcycle industry is in trouble

If you’ve always thought the motorcycle industry is an essential part of the motoring world, then you may be surprised to learn that the industry is actually struggling. If you’re concerned, then the infographic below helps to showcase the issues and — more importantly — how the industry intends to tackle the issue.


Infographic by solomotoparts

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