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3,287 Deaths From Road Accidents Happen Every Day! Minimize Your Risk In These Ways

The Association For Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT) statistics show that over 3000 people a day are killed by road traffic accidents worldwide. That is a tragic and unbelievable high amount, especially as it doesn’t even consider how many thousands more are injured each day also. A figure that is estimated to be up to 50 million people a year! It is no wonder then that many of us worry about being in an accident and want to do the best we can to avoid this at any cost. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make driving a much safer activity. Just read on to find out what they are.

Deaths From Road Accidents

Choose your vehicle well

While there is a large focus on the driver’s ability in term of safety, it is not the only factor in play. In fact, choosing the right sort of vehicle can also have a huge effect on the how protected both the driver and passages, and the other road users are.

For instance, an old second-hand vehicle may not be as safe a choice as a brand new model. This reason for this is that safety technology is a very fast developing field, and each model that comes out has better safety tech included such as ABS, collision avoidance and roll technology that the last iteration. That means, for example, the 2018 Ford Mustang is rated higher on the IIHS safety scale with three good scores, as opposed to the 2009 model with a good, adequate and poor rating across categories. To find out more about this is a good idea to consult the vehicle safety associate in your country. In America, this is the IIHS HLDI and they rate cars with an extensive number of features, therefore giving an accurate overall safety score that can help you pick the best vehicle for your needs.

Of course, there is another issue to consider here as well, and it’s the fact that with a brand new car you know exactly what you are getting. That means you are secure in the knowledge that the vehicle that has been involved in no major incidents already that could weaken its structure or pose a safety risk.

Unfortunately, when you buy a second-hand model, especially in a private sale, this isn’t always the case. That means you can be taking a much bigger risk in term of safety by pushing and regularly driving this sort of car. Especially if you don’t get an expert look at it first. Something that is definitely worth bearing in mind if safety is high on your priority list.

Realize it’s not all about you

One of the biggest problems with safety, when you are driving, is the issue of others on the road. The difficulty here is that you can be the most safety consciously driver ever, but you can still never completely account for the unknown that other road users present. That means at any time you can be going about your normal days business, and someone that is incapable of driving properly because of distractions, drunkenness, or drug use could be shared the road with you.

Now, it is possible to minimize the risk that such drivers pose to you by remembering to be as observant as possible. Then at least you have a chance of making some evasive maneuver sand staying out of an irresponsible drivers way.

Unfortunately, this on its own is not always enough to keep you from being involved in an incident. Although by learning some defensive driving skills like the ones demonstrated in the video below, then contacting a provider of car accident lawyers after the accident has occurred, you may be able to minimize the situation. This is because you can reduce the event to one where only the actual vehicle is damaged, something that you get compensation for if you use a good lawyer, making this approach well worth considering on today’s highly volatile roads.

Keep your car well maintained

It’s also vital that are a car owner or driver that you make an effort to keep the vehicle as well maintained and safe as possible. This includes replacing things when they no longer work, as well as getting regular services.

OK, so you may think that a single faulty window wiper isn’t a big deal, as it will only reduce how your view from the windscreen a little. However, Think about what can happen if you combine that with tough weather conditions that reduce visibility, and then thrown in difficult terrain and another road user driving in an irresponsible way? That little reduction of vision could end up being a really big deal! In fact, it could be the added edge you need to survive a life and death situation! Something that means not only the way you drive but also the care you take of your car is essential for a safe trip, every time you’re out on the road.

Take your responsibility seriously  

Last, of all, remember that driving while an everyday activity for most of us is something that should definitely not be taken lightly. After all, vehicles are expensive, heavy things that travel at great speeds. That means they can do a lot of damage to your wallet, and more seriously to the human passengers, or even pedestrians.

That is why it is so important that you take your responsibility to yourself and other road users as seriously as possible. To this end, avoiding all alcohol when driving is a sensible move.

Also, taking the time to assess the weather conditions in your current location and along your route is an important way of being as safe as possible. This is because you are then mentally prepared for the changes in your driving style you will need to make, as well as any additional resources you will need to take or fit the car with before you set off. Remember that the weather conditions can change very quickly and it is your responsibility as a driver to be aware and ready for this if you want to minimize the risk to yourself and your passengers, each time you take to the road.

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