4 Essentials To Look For in a Mechanic

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No one actually wants to be in need of a mechanic, but knowing a really good one can definitely make an already stressful situation easier to handle by giving you some added peace of mind. Shop around and evaluate your possible options before you need to have work done so your decision isn’t rushed or desperate. Make sure the mechanic shop you ultimately pick has all the following things going for them as well.

1. Reasonable Prices

You definitely don’t want to make your final decision based on price alone, but competitive rates are still a must, especially if you’re already taking care of your car on a tight budget. Prices should be well within the range considered reasonable for your area and the type of work you need done. Make sure the estimate you’re offered is honest and thorough as well. Have each mechanic present you with an itemized list of things you’ll need done so you can easily compare your options with one another.

2. Essential Certifications

Your car is a major part of how you live your life, not to mention representative of a significant investment. You don’t want to trust it to a mechanic that isn’t adequately qualified. Ask each mechanic you’re considering about their credentials. Keep a special eye out for an ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification. A mechanic must successfully undergo an especially comprehensive training and examination process before being awarded one.

3. Friendly Service

Never settle for a mechanic that tries to talk over your head or makes you feel uncomfortable asking questions. A good mechanic places a high premium on good customer service and treats every customer with patience, compassion, and respect. Definitely consider how friendly and responsive each mechanic is before deciding. Look for extra perks a given option might offer as well. Some mechanics will even bring their most essential services to you, as is the case with a brakes only mobile service.

4. Amazing Reputation

Last but definitely not least, do your homework as to each mechanic’s overall reputation. Ask for references, as well as read online reviews via Yelp and similar platforms. Were most people happy with the services they were provided? Did any particular mechanic seem to go above and beyond in a specific area that would be beneficial to you?

Although you’ll probably never reach a place that finds you happy to have car work done, you’d be surprised what a difference the right mechanic makes. Definitely explore your options sooner rather than later so you’ll know where to go the next time you’re dealing with car trouble.