5 Space Age Car Safety Features

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As car manufacturers continue to bring out new, state of the art vehicles, safety is very much at the forefront of their minds. As well as making cars more resilient to crashes, they are installing a whole range of on board safety features to make the driving experience a lot more risk-free. So, let’s take a quick look over some of the most impressive safety features that you can expect to see in more modern vehicles in the coming months and years.

Automatic Parking

One of the trickiest and most stressful parts of driving has always been trying to squeeze into a tight space while you are under the pressure of other cars queuing up behind you. Now, a huge amount of this stress has been lifted off many drivers’ shoulders thanks to automatic parking. Using a combination of cameras and a radar system, you simply have to pull up the car to an open space and it will do a lot of the work for you. You may still have to control the brake pedal but getting into the space itself can now be done solely by the car!

Forward Collision Prevention

The most modern cars are now able to detect an impending collision with vehicles or other large objects and take control of the braking to stop or slow down as needed. The system is still very much in its infancy at the moment, but 20 manufacturers have already committed to standardising automatic braking in their vehicles by 2022. In the meantime, if you do get into an accident then you may want a free consultation with truck accident lawyers. In the future, it seems like technology will continue to push down accident rates.

Blind Spot Monitoring

We have all had that experience when you think you are clear to switch lanes, only to find that there is a car right next to you driving in your blind spot. The blind spot monitoring feature will warn you with an audible or visual alert if there is a vehicle there that you can’t spot with your mirrors. Some will light up a ring around your sideview mirror while the most advanced systems will show you camera footage of what is in the spot.

Alertness Monitoring

A huge number of accidents occur because the driver is not fully alert due to tiredness or some kind of distraction. New cars are being built with alertness monitoring features that detect any kind of erratic driving such as drifting across the road or unexpected deceleration. Warnings can include an acoustic alert or some sort of visual sign.

Adaptive Cruise Control

The modern cruise control systems doesn’t just keep you at a certain speed, but rather detect traffic patterns that allow the vehicle to slow down or speed up automatically. As well as setting the speed parametres, drivers can also set how much space they would like to leave between their own vehicle and the car in front. The top systems are also blended with automatic braking.