5 Tips for Selecting an Autobody Repair Shop

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When you need an auto body repair after a major accident, finding the right shop to do the job can be challenging. A lot of detailed work may be involved in such a project, including labor on the frame cross member. Following five basic tips will help you make the right choice.

1. Visit Several Shops

One way to learn about the quality of work a shop does is to inspect several places. This enables you to get a picture of both the garage and the employees. Seeing what type of equipment is used can provide a good indication as to whether the techniques and capabilities are current or outdated.

2. Get Multiple Estimates

It’s good practice in any major financial decision to seek several estimates. This will assist you in not only getting the lowest price possible, but perhaps gain leverage on a shop that you would like to use, but may quote a higher price. Keep in mind that while one or two repair options may be provided by the insurance company, the decision is yours. You can get estimates from other shops in addition to or instead of the ones provided.

3. Get Recommendations

While getting referrals and guarantees may sound like the same thing, these two steps are different. It’s important to get both. Getting recommendations from family friends and other acquaintances will often give you a sense of confidence, given that these are trusted sources.

4. Ask for Referrals

There are a number of different sources for referrals, including online directories and past customers. A company that stands behind it’s work, should have no problem providing customers to vouch for the shop. This process can also help identify repeat customers, which is another indicator of quality service.

5. Quality of Work

This encompasses a number of different aspects. First, learning about what type of parts are used in the repairs will be a sign of the quality of work performed. While it’s not uncommon for used parts to be used, where those parts come from and what condition they are in is important to know.

Asking the prospective shops to see rewards and certifications will also help identify the quality of work performed. In fact, a reputable garage may have these clearly displayed. An ASE-certified shop will stand out from others. Also find out if a warranty for the work is provided.

Following these five steps will help narrow the field when searching for an auto body repair shop.