7 Great Classic Cars to Restore

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Do you dream of restoring 1950 Cadillacs and 1964 Mustangs? Did your grandfather pass down a beautiful Chevrolet Camaro just begging for a better engine and a new coat of paint? Whether you’re a first-time restorer or an experienced veteran of classic cars, here are just seven projects you might consider tackling the next time you’re in the mood.

1. Ford Model A

You’ll never feel like more of a restorer than when you’re working on a Ford Model A. This is because they were put together in the ’20s, so there’s literally nothing else like them on the road today.

2. Chevrolet Bel Air

Bel Airs are great for both original restorations and modern rejuvenations. Not only will their ’50s look turn every head on the street, but you can also outfit them with things like disc brake conversions for contemporary appeal.

3. Pontiac GTO

If you’re in the business of selling your restorations, you’ll definitely want to consider the Pontiac GTO. According to classic car experts, they currently have some of the highest resell values on the market, allowing you to make a pretty penny off your elbow grease.

4. Dodge Challenger

One of the most famous muscle cars of all time, the Dodge Challenger is great for restoration, especially when you put in the hard work yourself. You’ll be riding just as smoothly as Barry Newman in Vanishing Point.

5. Packard

Perfect for beginners, the Packard is relatively simple to restore. It’s also a remarkably sturdy car for something originally created in the ’50s, so feel free to drive it around town once you’re done. Just prepare yourself for double-takes and whistles of appreciation.

6. Buick Riviera

Not only are they gorgeous throwbacks to the ’60s, but Rivieras are also gaining popularity among classic car enthusiasts, meaning you’ll find it easy to locate the right parts and tools. Obscure cars are always harder to restore.

7. Lincoln Continental

Are you looking for a challenge? Continentals were hand-assembled in the ’70s, so you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty to restore them the right away. If you can manage it, however, you’ll have an absolutely beautiful Lincoln.

If you’re a fan of classic car restoration, these are just seven models to consider for your next project. They might take time and effort, but the looks of envy from other drivers will make it all worth it.