Are Car Costs Driving You Around The Bend? Here’s What We Recommend

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We bet you love your little beamer. Just look at it, parked beautifully on the driveway like a work of art, glistening in the sun. But you won’t be smiling when you pay the annual bills for it, will you? There are plenty of costs to owning a car from fuel and maintenance to insurance and road tax. There must be a way of keeping costs low while still getting the most enjoyment from your little speedster. Well, there is now because we’ve got all the answers that you need.

Brake Less Spend Less

This could be seen as proof that Top Gear was secretly a useful car show. In one of the budget car challenges, the team had to get from London to Blackpool on one tank of gas. One of the ways they did this was by braking as little as possible. Instead, they simply took their foot of the gas when they needed to slow down. Now, you might think this is dangerous in certain situations because it doesn’t give cars behind a warning that you’re slowing down. At the same time though every time you put your foot on the brake you use a massive amount of power and thus fuel. You’d be amazed how long a tank of petrol would last if we lived in a world like Mad Max where braking was never necessary. For now though, just try to ease off the brakes when it’s safe to do so.

You might also want to think about going at a slower speed. A happy medium is sixty miles per hour. Any higher than this and the car will start to gobble up all your fuel.

Free Check? Makes Sense

If you can, you should think about getting a free check for your car every now and then. There are two reasons for this. First, transmission shops offer this service with no strings attached so there is really no reason not to. Secondly and arguably, more importantly, it could lead to them finding a serious issue with your vehicle that needs a repair. You might think that’s just drawing attention to another expense, but this isn’t true. By catching it early you might actually be able to limit the cost rather than just continuing to drive the car until your next MOT.

Say Hello To Big Brother

Do you hate the idea of your car insurance company knowing your driving habits? We bet you do, but what if we told you that it could cut your insurance premium right down? That’s right, by installing a little black box in your car that monitors your driving you can cut car costs dramatically. Apparently, the smart boxes even offer you advice on how to improve your driving to cut your costs down even further. How cool is that?

Style Is Overrated

Finally, next time you buy a car forget about how it looks. You might be surprised to learn that some of the most fuel efficient cars look terrible. But that doesn’t matter when they could save you thousands each month does it. When all’s said and done a car isn’t a fashion accessory it’s a form of transport. There’s no real reason transportation needs to be pretty.