Augmenting Reality Inside Your Auto

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Innovation has come on leaps and bounds for the auto industry. 2016 and 2017 were years in which electric has proven its worth and even driverless cars have started becoming part of the fabric of motoring.

For all drivers, though, there are changes being made for the driver experience. Driver-side technology has always been the focus of development, but just like whole-motor changes, its come on tremendously in the past year. This has culminated in the proliferation of augmented reality for drivers, which is discussed in this post.

Today’s Technology

Augmented reality is set to become commonplace in 2018. However, there are some excellent technologies already blending well together this year. Tech entrepreneur Bill Busbice has suggested that the technology we have available to us on our smartphones can be merged to create platforms beneficial to businesses and consumers. This sort of thinking has seen a variety of smartphone apps that are allowing drivers to seamlessly complete every function they require whilst driving without needing to move their hands from the wheel.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality builds on from the flexibility of smartphone and device technology. It intends to create an entire interface before your very eyes within the vehicle, utilizing clever camera technology to work with the windshield and other driver seat elements as display screens.

Among the capability of these augmented reality technologies is the ability to direct the front-facing driver camera at any element within the car and run diagnostic or how-to advice on the selected element of the vehicle. Of course, manufacturers have already developed advertising for augmented reality.

Where’s It Available?

Augmented reality tech is set to become an integrated feature of various motor lines come 2018. However, it’s also set to become available on older models. Hyundai have released an augmented reality app for their luxury car range that already implements the measures covered just above.

Where Could It Go?

The possibilities for augmented reality are pretty varied. It’s set to become bigger and bigger for drivers. The increasing safety and utility of driverless cars, such as the Faraday Future, has led to suggestions that driver will be able to use augmented reality to relax or complete work tasks whilst on the road.

Right now, there is potential for kids in the backseat to watch films or television in an immersive environment, with projected family-friend films from seat-based AR sets.

Augmented reality is set to become one of the most pervasive new technologies in motoring, available to consumers across the spectrum – whether via smartphone or in a new vehicle. You’ll probably be seeing it soon, in a car near you.