Battery Maintainer: Do You Need One When Storing Your Car?

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One of the most commonly asked questions is, “what should I do about the battery when storing my car?” Car batteries are not as resilient as we would like them to be, but they are quite strong and powerful. The battery is designed to work in any climate or condition but when you store your car, you will find that the battery does not have as much longevity as you had hoped.

If you place a battery in storage for long enough, it is going to discharge itself and this can happen no matter what the temperature is outside and no matter how hard you worked to prepare the car for storage.

A battery maintainer is one way that you can eliminate this issue and come home to a battery that is fully charged and waiting for you to crank the car on up. Below, we will look more in depth at battery maintainers and whether you need one.

Battery Maintainer: Tell Me About It

One of the good things about a battery maintainer is that they are affordable and will cost you a lot less than purchasing a new battery every time that it is discharged in the storage unit.

When searching for a battery maintainer, you want to find one that offers you more than just trickle charging. Ideally, the battery maintainer you choose should have multiple charge modes to include maintenance, float, and storage.

As you look for one, you may find that they are referred to as battery tenders too.

Using the Battery Maintainer

When you are ready to utilize the battery maintainer, you want to first clean off your battery’s terminals once the battery is removed from the car.

Always make sure the charger is off or unplugged while you connect it. As a note, black is negative and red is positive when connecting the cables.

Once connected, turn the charger on and let is do its thing. The tender will keep the battery properly charged throughout the time it is somewhere like a Pittsburgh storage unit in the winter.

Prolong the Life of Your Battery and Save Money

Making use of a battery maintainer is not required but it will save you money and time while extending the life of your battery. If you are unsure about which battery tender to purchase, never hesitate to ask questions or consult your owner’s manual for recommendations about long-term storage of your car.