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Buying A Newer Model Car May Represent Better Value For Money

Most of us have been taught that buying an older car represents the best way to get value for money when buying a vehicle. It could mean a saving of hundreds or even thousands of pounds when compared to buying something that is only a year or two old, and maybe more when compared to buying a brand new car. However, the reality may be very different.

Older cars can cost more in petrol, attract higher tax levies, and can cost more in repairs and maintenance too. When you’re shopping for your next car on Exchange And Mart or another online car site, it is definitely worth considering looking at some newer models of car, and make an honest assessment of exactly how much you are really saving.

Reliability and Efficiency

New cars are manufactured to be more efficient, and not only in terms of the petrol that they consume. Great onus is placed on car manufacturers to produce vehicles that are reliable and that do not drink petrol at every junction and every time you accelerate and brake.

The inclusion of efficient turbos also means that you can still enjoy decent power output, even from a smaller engine. This, in turn, means paying less in tax as well as less in petrol, while the newer parts and the more efficient engineering techniques that are used in the manufacture of those parts means that you should not have to replace them as regularly as you would in an old car.


By buying a nearly new car, it may even be possible to pick one up that has some manufacturer’s warranty remaining. This means that major repairs may be covered by the warranty policy, and this represents another potentially large saving. It is worth checking to see whether the warranty transfers between owner, or whether the vendor offers a warranty of their own. The newer the car, the less risk that the seller takes on by offering a warranty, so newer cars do tend to come with longer warranties than their older counterparts.

Ongoing Costs

Research also shows that newer cars cost less in tax, MOT, and even insurance. Some manufacturers even offer free insurance with new cars, while the interest rates associated with newer models tend to be lower than those associated with older cars. You may be able to enjoy an interest free period of several months, so even if you don’t have the cash straight away, you can still purchase a good quality, nearly new car.

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