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Considerations When Buying Snowmobiles

Snowmobiles are fun to use and great for winter sports, especially skiing. They range in size from small models that can be used by children or novice riders to large ones that can carry several people at once. The best part is the savings; if you purchase a used machine, it costs much less than a new one, and you won’t have to pay huge registration fees. There are many other benefits associated with buying a pre-owned snowmobile too.

If you take the time, you can easily find the appropriate model. This article provides a brief guide to what a potential snowmobile owner should look for when buying a new or used model.

1) Type of Snowmobile

Snowmobiles are available in many different types. To choose what is suitable for you, consider whether you want a two-track or a track drive model. Two-tracks are preferred by people who ride on trails and other hard-packed surfaces because they can easily glide through these terrain types. Track drive models, on the other hand, are great at tackling soft terrain. They give riders more stability because their tires dig deep into the ground to prevent slipping back and forth. Now, if there is powdery snow all over the place, it becomes easier to use the two-track model.

If you want to buy a snowmobile that can handle hard-packed snow, ice, and mud, look for an all-wheel-drive model with low ground pressure tires. Their main advantage over two-track models is that they can easily climb up or cross steep slopes. Further, all-wheel-drive models are also recommended by Ontario Snowmobiles service providers for use in deep powdery snow. That is because their multiple-track design pushes more snow aside to prevent it from clogging between the tracks.

2) Safety Features

Only buy a snowmobile with safety features. That includes protective guards on the engine, handbrakes, and anti-freeze systems to help avoid potential accidents. Admittedly, most snowmobile dealerships sell their products preloaded with features such as heated seats or grips, GPS tracking systems, reverse gears, and docking stations for your mobile devices. These options come at an extra cost, but potential buyers should also consider the additional benefits these features will provide when using their machine for recreational or work purposes.

3) Engine size

There’s nothing more frustrating than having an underpowered machine that struggles to get up hills or doesn’t have enough power to transport your passengers safely. If the machine is only going to be used for recreational purposes, then a smaller engine size would be more than adequate and safer for beginners. However, if you’re planning to use the machine in harsh terrain and conditions, such as deep snow and steep hills, it’s best to get one with a larger displacement engine.

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