Could Car Tech Calm Your Road Rage?

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It doesn’t take a genius to work out that road rage is somewhat risky. Once your blood starts boiling, you face physical confrontations and dangerous driving. If we see red, most of us lose the ability to think straight. Our lessons certainly go out the window as we rally to get close to that terrible driver and give them a piece of our minds.

The trouble is, the moment you ditch the rules, you become a risk to both yourself and the vehicles around you. While you’re focusing on that one car, it’s all too easy to plow into the back of another. If that happens, you can bet the wounded driver will fast search for information from the Law Office of George Salinas and others like them. That could see you facing significant charges, and even losing your license. All because you lost your temper.

When you consider it that way, the rage hardly seems worth it. But, if you’re that way inclined, it can be hard to cool down. Even if you remind yourself of the repercussions, the next bad driver could see rage rearing its ugly head again. Unless, of course, you learn how to use new car tech to calm you down. That’s right; vehicle advances could hold the answer to curing your road rage. Keep reading to find out how.

The right music on your infotainment

Infotainment systems offer many benefits for improved driving. But, have you considered how they could cure road rage? Of course, there’s no specific feature for this, but you’re free to tailor these systems to your needs. All you would need to do is select calming music to play while you drive. As can be seen here, some songs work well for tackling road rage in particular. Each time you get in the car, then, it might be worth setting up your systems to play these as you drive.

Autonomy to take things out of your hands

A partially autonomous vehicle could also work well as a cure. Things like driver assist can, after all, take some control from your hands. With these in place, you won’t need to slam your brakes on or feel that familiar heart-wrenching panic. Your car will do all that for you. When you’re one step removed in this way, you should find it much easier to keep calm and carry on driving.

Get to the bottom of your feelings

There are also talks in the works about cars which can read driver emotions. While this is one for the future at the moment, it looks set to do more for road rage than anything else. Manufacturers hope that, soon, biometric sensors will allow vehicles to read your mood. They’ll then be able to override your driving if they judge your emotions are clouding your ability. While this may not tackle rage as such, it can at least make for a safer driving experience on the whole. That’s got to be worth your time, right?