Dishonest Dealers: Tricks They Use To Pull The Wool Over Your Eyes

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Before we make a start on this article, it’s important to note that most car dealers are honest and transparent. The information in this post just refers to the few companies out there that don’t seem to have any morals. Like it or not, some professionals will try to pull the wool over your eyes in the hope of hiding the truth about their vehicles. For that reason, it’s essential that all motorists work hard to learn the dealer’s tricks. If you do that, there’s a better chance you will notice when something doesn’t seem right. By the time you leave this page, you should be in a better position to spot dodgy dealers and expose them.

Turning the clocks back

The easiest way for dealers to pull the wool over your eyes is to turn the clocks back. Of course, that is never going to happen if you opt for one of the Cars & Co new Volvo deals. Companies that sell the latest releases can’t get away with that technique. That is because the clock should show the vehicle hasn’t driven anywhere. The same isn’t true when it comes to the used market. Dealers can mess around with the device and change the numbers. They do that, so the car appears in better condition, and it becomes more attractive to the buyer. The basic rule of thumb is that if something seems unbelievable, you should probably look elsewhere.

Losing essential paperwork

Some dealers will tell you they’ve lost some important paperwork if they’re trying to cover something up. That is something that’s happening more often these days according to For example; they might tell you the car only had one owner when it had many. The seller might say they will forward the paperwork at a later date when they find it. If you hear anything like that, you should stop right there. Once you part with your cash, it’s often difficult to get a refund. So, if the paperwork shows the dealer was lying, there is little you can do. Always ask to see all paperwork, and if it isn’t available, keep your money in your pocket.

Hiding the real repair history of the vehicle

Many dodgy dealers try to hide the actual repair history of a vehicle because it can become rather telling. For instance, if you notice the car had new exterior panels and a bumper, that might suggest it was involved in a crash. The dealer won’t want you to know that information if they’re trying to pull the wool over your eyes. They know you will never make a decent offer if the automobile was severely damaged. Again, if the seller can’t provide you with a full service history and receipts for repair work, you should move along.

Now you know about some of the most common dodgy dealer tricks, you should be in a better position to spot them. Make sure you remember all this information the next time you go to look at a car. Even if you love the model and you think it looks great, you should never believe anything the seller says. You must ask them to back their claims up with paperwork and evidence. That is how you protect your interests.