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Do You Know How To Pick Your Next Car?

For a variety of individuals, changing cars is the beginning of a time and cost demanding process. It’s never easy to pick the perfect car, especially if you ask for the help of your friends or relatives as you begin the research. Some will be looking at the cost of the car, others will be checking the cool factors of each car – the color, the seats, the dashboard, the make, etc. –, and there’s also the car fanatic who can only buy cars from a specific make and a specific year. In short, how do you pick your next car? What is the best way to do it? If you are asking around you, you will soon find out that everyone has a way of thinking and reasoning that is very specific. While there is no right way of choosing your car, you can save yourself a lot of worries by listening to the advice of all your friends and relatives, and by taking those with a pinch of salt. You don’t need to follow each piece of advice blindly, but beware that there is a legitimate thought process behind each car purchase. Maybe the best way to choose your car is to be inspired by the best of each thought processes. Here are the top four car buyer personalities to get inspired from.

The Pragmatic: What’s The Best Car For You?

There are many questions to ask yourself when you are looking for a car, and people with a pragmatic personality seem to be better at juggling these. They like to consider more than just the make of the car, in fact they completely ignore the make of the car until they have answered essential questions about their needs. Indeed, it’s important to understand for a start what you need from your new car. Bear in mind that people do have all different needs and different lifestyle. Consequently, while your best friend might need a four-wheel drive to supply for his or her countryside lifestyle, this would be a waste of your money if you are an urban type. This is exactly what the pragmatic approach is all about: Question your needs until you are sure of them. A single driver will need a different car from a family man. The dynamic urban driver needs a clever city car, while the wild countryside driver will need an outdoor-friendly car. How much room you need in the boot will also be defined by your hobbies, your family, and your pets: If you are a professional musician who needs to carry his or her instruments, you might want a large boot. Similarly, large families with pets tend to prefer large boots too. But a singleton who likes to read doesn’t need an oversized cargo capacity. In short, evaluate the type of facilities you need from your car to suit your lifestyle.

The Accountant: Understand The Cost Of Your Car

Another car buyer personality is the accountant. He or she loves to calculate estimations and costs in order to save as much as possible. This often starts with a car insurance comparison, as you will need to understand the cost differences between each make and model. While you might like the idea of a large car even though you don’t need one, you might reconsider your choice when you discover how much the insurance would cost. Additionally, the accountant type likes to take into account the cost of commuting. For instance, if you are often on the road, a car that doesn’t consume much fuel will be cost-friendlier in the long term. The accountant is often one of the first in the company to discuss the possibility of remote work in order to save costs. If you happen to be in a situation where you can enjoy flexible hours or remote work, this is also something to need to consider when you are choosing your car. Your fuel consumption will not be the same, and consequently, a fuel-saving car might not be the best solution. Similarly, the accountant is very keen to check different car loan options to secure the best agreement for his or her needs.

The Family (Wo)Man: Promote Careful Driving

People who drive with children and babies in the car tend to be careful drivers. They want to make sure that their family will be as safe as possible. As a result, their driving scores show barely any traffic offense, which has helped them to save on their car insurance. But more importantly, the careful driver actively look after his or her family. As a result, this driver prefers to pick cars that have passed their crash test with flying colors. While they might look a little less exciting than other models, they guarantee the safety of their passengers. Additionally, if you are a family person, you would be looking at car option that can make your life easier. This implies that the automatic parking and sensor features are a favorite as they keep your car secured in traffic and in city journeys too. A large and comfortable dashboard is also a valuable addition as this makes it easier to set air con temperatures, radio stations, lights and time. The last thing you want to do when you are driving the kids to school is to spend ages finding the perfect radio station!

The Mechanic: Understand Your Car

Last, but not last, the mechanic type plays an important role in the car purchase journey. This personality likes to read about some of the basic mechanical functions of a car to be able to spot issues before it is too late. In a world where most people don’t take any active interest in their cars, the mechanic buyer likes to check his or her brake pads, oil level, tyre pressure, and much more on his or her own. This basic knowledge enables the buyer to choose cars that he or she can take care of. Additionally, this is also a great cost-saving when you are talking to a real mechanic: You are less likely to be overcharged if you understand what is wrong with your car.

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