Does Lane Assist Technology Help Make Roads Safer For Truck Drivers?

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Twenty-five to 50% of motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. are found to be direct results of driver distraction, according to Waterdown Collision. With driver fatigue being one of the major reasons why drivers are distracted on the roads, it is quite common for trucks to veer off the lane. Some of the other reasons include adjusting their radio, driving under the influence of drugs or making or receiving calls while driving. While campaigning for truck drivers to pay attention when on the road is the easiest way to prevent such incidents, sometimes such crashes might be inevitable. This may call for the intervention of technology, such as lane assist in ensuring that the occurrence of such accidents is reduced.

Considering that many truck drivers know little about the concept of lane assist, here is what this technology has to offer in reducing road accidents.

How does lane assist work?

Lane assist technology could easily help prevent 1,342 injuries annually, according to the AAA Foundation, but only if it were to be used in all large trucks, both new and existing. Simply put, lane assist is a step forward in making the truck driver aware of their surroundings while preventing any truck accident that might involve veering off the lane. By using special sensors such as cameras on the rearview mirrors on the trucks, the technology can identify the position of the vehicle with relation to the lane. In case the driver veers away from the lane, the system will alert them to get back to the road by producing a warning sound. Others even make the steering wheel vibrate, which alerts the driver of the possible danger.

What about active lane assist?

Active lane assist is an upgrade to lane assist technology. Lane assist only alerts the driver of the risks that veering into the wrong lane could cause, but doesn’t save them from the pending danger. On the other hand, active lane assist actually helps the driver to automatically move their truck back into the lane limits and avoid any danger. Though this is not meant to bust your bubble as a truck driver, once the system identifies that you are holding the steering wheel, it simply lets you control the vehicle. In case you also have your indicators on, the system simply deactivates until you switch off the indicators. The blind spot warning system will help you to remain safe if there is any pending danger of crashing with a car behind you as long as your truck is equipped with it.

The technology is not yet perfect

Just like every other technology out there, lane assist also has its pair of loopholes. Well, the systems can easily identify lane lines that are both continuous and broken. However, it will be of no assistance in areas where there are no lane lines. Additionally, in case the road is covered with snow, you will have to be more alert while driving on such roads as the system will be of little use. Despite these challenges, it is still wise to have it in your truck as long as you do not over-depend on it.

Since accidents can happen anywhere and at any time, the world needs any technology that is out there to reduce the chances of them occurring. Lane assist technology happens to be a piece of the puzzle that is making roads safer. As the technology advances, you can rest assured that it will be safer to drive your truck without being involved in lane-related accidents.