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Everything You Need on a Boat and Why

Most boat owners craft a pre-take-off checklist that helps ensure they have everything they need for their outing. This is very helpful if you are new to boating or a seasoned veteran. The key is knowing what to put on this document. Here is a list of all the boat supplies and other things you should take with you on your excursions and why. 

Safety Gear

Obviously, the most important thing you need is safety gear. This goes beyond what the Coast Guard mandates. Think about boat safety and anything that can go wrong while packing your safety gear. 


Food and drinks are other things that are pretty obvious. However, it is also a good idea to pack extra water to ensure everyone on board stays hydrated on summer days. Likewise, oranges, watermelon, and yogurt are all options you can pack to help your passengers stay hydrated. Beyond food and drinks, be sure to pack enough sunscreen and bug spray for everyone to stay comfortable. 


A pretty common issue when boating is a fouled propeller. This occurs when seaweed, a rope, or a fishing line causes the blades to stop spinning, and your boat stops moving. Therefore, you need a knife handy to cut the obstruction away and get moving again. 

Extra Lines

You always want to make sure you have extra lines. These can be very useful when you suddenly decide to visit a waterfront restaurant with a pier and no lines. You could also find yourself using them to lash things down if you get caught in a freak storm. 

Cleaning Supplies

You want to make sure you have basic cleaning supplies on board. Things that would normally cause stains are easy to remove if you tackle them right away. However, leaving them out in the sun to dry can cause them to be impossible to remove. Fortunately, you can get most cleaning supplies cheap at commercial auctions

Anchor and Rode

A lot of people never carry a rode and anchor because they don’t plan on anchoring. However, this is not wise. Having an anchor on board can be crucial for passenger safety. For example, if your boat breaks down and you need to get towed, an anchor will make it simpler for the towboat to find you so that you can get out of there faster. It can also prevent you from drifting into rocky shores or busy channels. 

This list of must-haves covers everything you absolutely cannot leave without. Add your own flair to this list and create the perfect checklist for your departures. 

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