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Faraday Future Will Unveil Its Production Vehicle At CES 2017

Faraday Future announced that it’ll unveil its first production car in January at the CES 2017 technology trade show in Las Vegas. It is not divulging any new details beyond that, and says that only that the car is a ‘premium’ EV with ‘holistic design,’ loads of tech and ‘industry leading range’ thanks to LG’s super-dense batteries. But it isn’t saying much beyond that. Spy shots have captured a car which looks like a Model X-style urban SUV, however, that does look like it shares traits with the supposed test vehicles that spotted earlier.

When Faraday Future took the wraps off the FFZero1 Concept at the CES last year, our jaws collectively dropped. It was a concept, sure, but it was everything we loved about the concept cars. It was bold, and incredibly futuristic, as well as almost surreal in its configuration, with a distinct ‘UFO’ side line protruding like a flying saucer and more carbon fiber than you could shake a stick at. One year later at the CES 2017, the brand will officially debut its first production car.

Faraday Future

First off, the concept car looks like a Le Mans prototype designed by Batman, and thus, this EV only seats one. Inside, the driver tilts back at a 45-degree angle and wears a helmet which gathers biometric data and delivers oxygen and water to the occupant. This vehicle is also completely autonomous, and produces 1,000 hypothetical hp, and to make sure it stays connected to the cloud, Faraday made sure each car came out with a full tank of internet.

Faraday is expected to be a rival to fellow California-based electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors Inc., that currently produces two all-electric, high-end vehicles and it is expected to release a mainstream sedan in late-2017.

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