Finding Justice After A Car Accident

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If to get into a car accident it can be an incredibly stressful situation and often you won’t know what to do with yourself. No one ever wants to find themselves in a situation like this so it is difficult to think about what you can do to get the justice you deserve. Here are some things you will need to do from the moment of the accident to be successful in getting the compensation you deserve.

Look at the other car

If you are in an accident where the other car drives off as you are on the road you will need to take this opportunity to try and remember the model of the car and also see if you can remember the registration plate. No one should ever drive off after an accident, they should stay and exchange information with you, however as we know this is not always the case. Try to get your phone out if you can to take a photo of the car as it drives off and then jot down as much information as you possibly can. Don’t worry if you cannot do so, it is understandable to be in shock, but any information you can give will be helpful in court.

Look for witnesses

If you are in a public place when the accident occurs, the next thing you will want to do is look for any witnesses to the accident. If you do find a witness make sure that you exchange information with them and ask them to give a statement to the police in your behalf. They will have a clearer viewpoint than you most of the time so they will be able to give a more detailed record of what actually happened on the road.

Take photos

If you are able to get yourself out of the car and onto the road make sure you take plenty of photographs of your car, the damage and even any injuries you have sustained yourself. This will all count as evidence later on in court when you testify. If you are involved in a multiple car pile up and the cars are all still at the scene, take a video of the entire scene making sure to zoom in on the impact points on cars. This will provide the police and your lawyers with evidence to use later on in court.

Call the police

Once you have been involved in an accident you need to call the police as soon as you can. You will need to give them a detailed account of what you remember happening and make sure that they are able to take statements from anyone who witnessed the event. The police will then likely guide you on what you need to do best next and they may try to find the person who has driven away frim the scene.

Call an ambulance

Even if you can walk out of your car after an accident with just a few bruises, the injury will often be worse than you initially think. When we are involved in an accident our adrenaline levels rise and this can act as a natural pain relief for our body. You can see examples of this here: Once your body does calm down you may notice that the injury you have is a lot worse than you ever thought. It is always better for you to get medical attention right away.

Make sure that when you reach the doctor that they write everything down in your medical records. The records of any treatment you have had to undergo since the accident will be used as evidence in court so make sure that everything is recorded and even take some photographs if you can.

File a claim

Once you have been in an accident and you have found out what injuries you have sustained it is time to get in touch with a lawyer such as and make your claim. When you are making a claim for personal injury you need to make sure that you have every single piece of evidence with you. As you talk to the lawyer you will need to recount the accident in as much detail as you can and make sure they can see the stress it has caused you. This will allow them to go off and defend you to try and win you the compensation you need to move on with your life.