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Handling Personal Injury Before Hiring an Attorney

So, you have a personal injury situation on your plate right now. Not many people plan ahead for personal injuries – they just happen! But when they do, you are not alone. Before you dare take a settlement from the insurance company, please, make sure you do your homework first. Insurance companies have and will always be about the money first, and then they might care what is best and right for their clients. It’s easy for those who were injured or in an accident to be taken advantage due to their vulnerability and confusion. That is why it might be important to consider a personal injury lawyer in Oakland.

The tips below are provided to help you get the best settlement possible:

Get Medical Care ASAP

Even for minor accidents, it is best to go to the emergency room or see your doctor right away. Injuries don’t always show up right away. So it is wise to get yourself examined to make sure that you don’t lose any of your evidence for a solid case, by NOT getting medical care. Having documentation from a medical professional can be very important down the road. 

Make Detailed Notes About the Scene

Do this, especially while everything is vivid and fresh in your mind. Make note of weather conditions, any hazards that you noticed, and actions of others that contributed to the injury.

Be Thoroughly Honest with the Police

If anything that you’re saying is borderline speculation, it is better to not say it at all. Make sure that everything that you share with the police is true, can be proved and repeated with the same clarity it was given in. Sticking with the facts and being through is important when discussing the details with law enforcement. 

Don’t Inform Your Doctors About Any Legal Action

Doctors make notes as they are evaluating you. There could be a possibility that they make some references to the legal action you might take. In that case, it may not go as well for you, if the insurance company happens to come across that information.

Make Sure a Complete Investigation Has Occurred

This is why it’s so beneficial for you to take excellent notes about everything you experienced, saw and even with others witnessed. It will serve as a checklist to make sure everything noted has been thoroughly investigated, giving you the best opportunity for a well-rounded compensation.

Don’t Sign a Medical Record Release Form

Sometimes insurance companies will have the audacity to ask for the history of your medical records. Please, don’t do this until you have spoken with an attorney to determine if it is in your best interest to share your medical history. An insurance company might use what is on your medical history against you in ways that you haven’t even thought of.

Get the Support of An Attorney

Personal injury cases can get complicated, messy, and drawn out. It can be more than what most people can handle. Thus, causing them to just settle for whatever the insurance company wants to give them. However, when you hire an attorney every complication is handled to the highest level, with the best compensation for all your time and trouble.

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