How To Get More Bang For Your Motor

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Unless you were one of those kindly souls who just like to see other people be happy, you should always be trying to get as much money as possible for your used car. However, it’s not always so easy, with hidden fees and other expensive costs eating into our profits. And if your car isn’t as young as it once was, then that could end up meaning parting with some serious money. Not what you want! Here’s our advice on getting as much cash as possible.

Think Carefully About The Work

Your car may have a few problems with it, but that doesn’t necessarily make your job to take care of them. You don’t have to fix anything – you can sell as is if you like. However, a car in great condition will attract higher bids. The key is determining first what the work that needs doing, second how much it’ll cost, and then how much it’ll add to the value. If it costs the same amount of money – or more – than it’ll raise, give it a miss.

Sell It Privately

There are ways to sell your car quickly. Instantly, in fact. But dig a little deeper and you’ll see that you can get much more money by selling it privately. So unless you’re in a desperate situation, where you need to get money first, show a little patience and wait for the car to sell on its own – you’ll get around 20% more money! Also, if selling online then take a look at auction websites like eBay. By not having a set price you run the risk of losing money, but you might just make more, and well, it’s quite exciting!

Take Care of the Details

You should be trying to organise as much of the details of selling the car yourself. Take a look at best car transport quotes 2017 – Shiply® and you could save big money on transporting your sold vehicle. Also, make sure you’re reclaiming all the money you can. For example, in the UK you’re able to claim about any tax you’ve paid on the vehicle that you’ll no longer use. It’s a bit of extra legwork, but it all means greater profits for you.

Remove the Mods

This one might be a bit sneaky, so much sure you tell the buyer exactly what they’re getting before you agree a deal. If you’ve added extras to your vehicle, then remove them and sell then individually or use them for your new car. This is especially relevant to audio systems you’ve installed yourself in the car – you don’t have to include them in the price of the car.

Sell in the Right Season

Finally, you can boost your profits by making sure you sell the car in the right season. Have a convertible? Put it up for sale in December and you’ll attract lower bids, and you might just accept them because you’re trying to get rid of it! Hold off until spring, when people want to be cruising around with the top down.