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How to Prevent Your Car from Overheating

While adding the latest aftermarket parts to increase the power, performance and style of your car, it can be easy to forget essential components. Your car’s coolant keeps everything cool on hot days or during long drives. Whether you’re powering across a desert highway or grinding gears in a summer traffic jam, here’s how you can keep your car cool and prevent overheating. 

Top Up Your Coolant 

Coolant is your car’s primary defense from overheating. Without enough coolant, your engine will quickly overheat. This will cause a range of problems, from excess smoke to a blown head gasket. Always check your coolant levels before going on a long drive or driving on a hot day. Check the lines to make sure you don’t have a coolant leak. 

Turn Off Your Vehicle 

The best way to prevent further damage from an overheating engine is to simply turn it off. Obviously, be sure you are in a safe place before you do this. If you have space to safely pull off the road or pull into a parking lot, turn your car off and step out of the car.

If your car is smoking, your natural response may be to open the hood. Not only will the hood be extremely warm, you’ll get a cloud of smoke and hot steam coming at you if you do. Let your car cool before inspecting the engine. 

Inspect Your Car 

An overheated engine can be a stressful event. However, with proper maintenance and prior inspection, you can avoid many of the causes for overheating. If you aren’t sure how to top up your coolant, or have any other maintenance questions, stop by your local mechanic or hardware store for more information. Discover what headlight bulb do I need, the best coolant option and more today. These essential preventative measures can help you drive safely, day or night.

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