How To Save Money When Your Car Needs Fixing

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When your car needs to be fixed, you may think that there are no ways around paying out a lot of money for it. After all, if you’re not a mechanic, how are you going to know how to fix it yourself? It’s not like you can do an unqualified DIY job, as it is so important to your safety that it is done correctly. However, there are many things that you can do to make sure that you’re not paying out more money than you need to when it comes to fixing your car, and we’ve made a list of them below.

Find the parts yourself

If you want to get your car fixed without paying over the odds for it, a good way to save money is to buy the parts required yourself. After taking it to an autoshop, find out the parts that they need to use to get it fixed, and tell them that you’ll source them yourself if you can find them at a better rate. A lot of the time the price advertised to you will be a lot higher than it needs to be, just so that somebody can turn a bigger profit at your expense. There are plenty of ways to find the parts that you require, and some sites are better than others depending on what vehicle you own, so check out sites such as for specific models.

Get good insurance

Sometimes, things can happen to you on the road that aren’t necessarily your fault. It can be devastating if you have to pay out because of an accident that you didn’t cause, so making sure that you’re covered by some good insurance can help you in the long-run. Sure, you will be paying out a little extra each month, which can pile up over the year, but this is a small price to pay when you don’t have to face that big lump sum amount that occurs when your car needs fixing. If you can’t afford to pay it when it comes around, you’ll be without your car, and that could pose a threat to your job and other important aspects of your life, so pick good insurance!

Shop around

When it comes to going to auto shops, you may think that your only option is your local auto centre, as it is just where everybody (including you) always goes. Sure, it may be the most convenient option, but think about the other shops out there before you go straight to the first one that you see, as there could be some better deals a bit further afield. Another way to find out about the cheapest options is word of mouth, so make sure you ask your friends and neighbours where they take their cars, as you could find somebody who does a great job at a fraction of the price. Don’t just stick with the first choice, shop around!

So, if your car needs fixing, follow these simple tips and you’ll be back on the road (without splashing the cash) in no time!