Keep on Truckin’ Through the Night With These Semi Truck Accessories

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Night driving, inherent to transport, involves a series of connotations that every driver must attend in order to reduce the risks that it entails. Many people have automated the act of driving. There are so many hours at the wheel that you lose the ability you had at the beginning to pay attention to the road. This is a self-confidence symptom of any learning that becomes more dangerous if you drive at night.

Driving in the dark can produce anomalies in the body that can lead to situations of risk to road safety.

Drivers receive 90% of the traffic information through their visual perception, that is, by the luminous feeling and the ability to recognize colors. These three processes are disturbed at night, since the eye and the brain are subjected to a greater effort to be able to act quickly and effectively in the face of any unexpected situation.

Without the clarity of the day, the driver also loses visual acuity and diminishes his field of vision, which makes it more difficult to recognize traffic signals. In addition, the darkness can hide dangers that with the light of the day would be perceptible.

Another important fact is the appearance of fatigue and fatigue, which is more often reported between 4 and 6 in the morning, when our alert level drops.

Driving at night down a pitch black and silent highway is tough, and it can also be dangerous if you don’t take precautions and bring along the proper equipment. Here are three Iowa 80 semi truck accessories that every driver should have for a smooth and safe nighttime ride.

1.LED Marker Lights 

LED marker lights are essential for any semi truck driver. The marker lights are placed around the exterior of your truck and are a way for drivers to see the position and length of your truck at night, especially if the weather is poor. In fact, numerous departments of transportation require trucks to have marker lights.

The LED bulbs mean that you’ll get reliable, long-lasting illumination, but did you know that you can also personalize your marker lights? There is a wide range of colors to choose from, so you can be safe and stylish.

  1. Vent Shades

Truck vent shades are another important accessory for semi truck drivers. Vent shades let you keep your windows open while blocking rain and snow and reducing the noisy wind while you drive. The shades also improve your visibility, which is critical for night driving. First, they cause rain to slide off to the side mirrors instead of hitting your window, and second, because vent shades keep out the elements, you can open the windows in any weather to prevent the windows from fogging up.

A bonus is that using vent shades and leaving your windows open lets you breathe in the cool and fresh night air, and this can help you feel awake and refreshed while you drive.

  1. A Headlamp

If you have truck problems in the middle of the night, the last thing you want to do is try and make repairs in the dark. A headlamp is a simple yet must-have tool for nighttime driving. Headlamps are great because you get the light you need without having to hold a flashlight, leaving your hands free. Just make sure you always carry spare batteries!

These accessories are perfect for making night driving less stressful, so check them out today before you hit the road.