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Modern Backup Cameras: Misconceptions and Facts Every Driver Needs to Know

Backup cameras are becoming common on many new vehicles, which is a good thing because they can help to make reversing your vehicle safer and more convenient.

If you have just got your first backup camera, you may have a few questions. Here are some of the most important facts and common misconceptions to keep in mind.

How Backup Cameras Work

The first thing you need to know is how backup cameras work. They are all similar, if not exactly the same, and they work by using a camera on the back of the vehicle.

This camera is connected to a video feed that you can watch on the dashboard, and this displays the area behind the vehicle when you put the vehicle into reverse. You can then check the video feed to see if anything is in the way before reversing.

Some cameras are always visible on the vehicle, while some are hidden away and only appear when they are in use.

They Make Reversing Safer

In general, backup cameras make reversing safer. You can see directly behind you in an area that would otherwise be hidden, and they can therefore help to prevent accidents.

They Are Not Foolproof

Having said that, they should not be relied upon 100%. While they are a useful safety feature, they do not make up for your own eyes, and you should always check the area behind your vehicle before getting into it. Also check your mirrors as you start moving, and don’t just rely on the camera.

The Video Feed Has a Delay

Another reason why you cannot rely on these cameras all the time is because there is a delay in the video feed. This means that when you are driving at full speed, they are not fast enough. Even though the display is almost instantaneous, it’s not quite, and that can make a big difference at speed.

They Are Becoming More Common

More new vehicles now come with backup cameras, and this is even the case with less expensive models. While new vehicles like the RAM 3500 pick-up truck may come with cameras, other lower-value vehicles are also starting to include them, so you can get one even if you don’t want a top-of-the-line vehicle.

You Might Be Able to Add a Camera

You might not even need to buy a new car to take advantage of a backup camera. You might be able to add one onto your current vehicle because some systems are very affordable and they are fairly easy to install.

Cameras Need Cleaning

One thing to know about cameras is that you need to keep them clean. The camera can become obscured by snow, grit, and dirt, so give your camera a regular clean to ensure you are seeing a clear image.

This is important when the weather is bad during the winter months, and it plays an important role in safer winter driving.

Use Your Backup Camera Safely

Backup cameras can help you to reverse more safely and avoid accidents, but make sure you keep all of the above details in mind when you get your first camera. While these are an excellent safety feature, remember that you must still look behind you and use your mirrors rather than relying on the camera.

And if you like the idea of a backup camera but you are not ready to buy a new vehicle, you might want to look into buying a camera on this own.

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