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More Glass On New Car Models Means More Potential Cracks

In the past, many people that have a sedan or family-sized car would have windows all-around their car and may a sunroof or moonroof that they could see out of. With today’s cars starting to become more streamlined, it gives thieves, vandals, and nature more of an opportunity to give that sinking feeling that comes with a cracked windshield or moonroof.

The new release of the economy Tesla electric car is a good example. Many iterations of the car show that the center roofline is glass from the back windshield to the front windshield. So although it is quite strong, it is conceivable that the number of glass claims could go up in places like Alberta.

Here are some ways to deal with problem chips and cracks in your windshield or glass on your car:

Document it:

Take a smartphone picture and Instagram it or email it to your insurance agent. They will likely approve contact with a local windshield replacement company right away. In most cases, you can stay at work and call someone and they will come out and replace your windshield while you are working. If they connect with your insurance company and get the okay, they can almost always bill them directly.

Find a good partner:

Although there are a lot of companies that provide windshield and auto glass service, looking at firms like can make a difference in how quickly and well your car gets repaired. One of the primary reasons for that is that particular company is one of the largest suppliers of car glass in Western Canada. You can therefore expect that they probably stock the particular windshield or piece of glass that you need. Like other firms, they can also bill insurance companies directly, making the replacement process simple.

Don’t settle for less:

If you had a windshield that stays clear because it is heated in the front or back, make sure that you replace it with one that is compatible. One customer bought a used BMW and was quite surprised to find out that his replacement windshield actually did heat up because the people who had the car before lost their windshield and replaced it with one that did not heat up. He had the car for a year before he broke the windshield and then realized that it was supposed to have a windshield that could be heated.

If your glass was factory tinted, you will want to also ensure that you match the tint or order a glass that is similarly tinted so that you do not end up with a Frankenstein window style.

Getting your car glass replaced is never something that people look forward to. At the same time, finding a solid partner that will be there time after time when you have your windshield or moonroof break can be a positive experience. If and when you do have a problem, as long as you document it well and make your vehicle available to be repaired, you should be back out on the road in no time.

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