Prepping Your Car for a Road Trip

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Even if you take pretty good care of your car overall, it’s always good to get a little bit more maintenance done when you’re planning for a long road trip across the country. You don’t want to break down on a highway in a state you’ve never been to before! Here are a few of the things you should double check before jetting off on your vacation.

1. Get Any Scheduled Maintenance Done

Will your acquired miles put you well over the point where you need an oil change? Get it done now, rather than wandering around in a town you don’t know to find someplace to do it. If there’s anything else you’ve been putting off, it’s probably time for you to tackle that as well.

2. Check the Coolant

This is especially important if your destination has a significantly different climate than the one you’re in. Driving from Pennsylvania to Florida in the winter with low coolant could do some serious damage to your car.

3. Check the Tires

You’ll be adding plenty of miles to your car this trip, so make sure that your tires are in good shape. Check both the pressure and the tread, and if you need to fix them, fix them before you head out on the road. Don’t forget to make sure there’s a fully inflated spare and tire-changing tools in your car.

4. Clean Out Your Car

This may not seem like a vital part of Pennsylvania Toyota care, but if you’ve been hauling unnecessary stuff around since your last road trip, you’ll burn more fuel with that extra weight in the car. Driving in a clean car is ten times more enjoyable, and you’ll have plenty of room for any mementos you want to bring back.

5. Check Tire Pressure Again

Yes, again! Check it once or twice a week before you leave to make sure it’s not losing pressure faster than it should be. If it is, get that fixed right away. Traveling a long distance with bad tires could cause all sorts of problems with your car.