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Simple, Affordable Improvements You Can Make To Your Car

If you’re car is something you’re using on a regular basis – or even every day, then it’s important that it’s a tidy and clean environment where safety and comfort are top priorities. In most cases, when people think of doing anything to their car to make it better or more suited to their lifestyle, they think that these are things that have to be costing a fortune, when that’s not even close to being the case.

In this post, we’re going to share with you some of the most simple and affordable improvements you can easily make to your car so you no longer have to worry about saving for months or years or think that you’ll have to get rid of your car anytime soon.

Cup holders:

Cup holders are a feature in many cars these days, but not all have them, and even if they do, they’re not exactly in the most convenient position for you to reach whilst driving without having to turn your eyes away from the road, and this isn’t something that’s going to be the most safe thing to do. So, if you enjoy a cup of coffee on the way to the office each day whilst driving, then investing in a good cup holder for your car is a good step to take. You can find plenty of places online selling different types of cup holders that are very cheap and can easily be installed in your car by you.

Phone holder:

Most of us are rarely without our phones these days, and the most amount of driving accidents today are caused by people using their phones. The great thing about phones is that they can be used on loudspeaker or connected to your car through bluetooth so to answer a call, all you need to is hit a button on the main dashboard of your car and not have to touch the phone at all. A good accessory for this type of set up is a phone holder that can be attached to your car – for example on the windscreen, or on the dashboard. You can find these available in most electronics stores offline and online to see which one will suit you.

TV or tablet holder:

If you have younger children and often go on longer journeys with them, then investing in a holder to keep a small television or tablet will be a good way to keep them entertained with a few movies and games during the trip. You can also include a small airplane style tray in front of their seats so that they can eat and drink without making a mess in the back.

Dash cam:

A dash cam is a great thing for keeping you safe during driving and also preventing you from getting fines for unknowingly driving too quickly. You can take a look at many places online and offline to find the best dashcam to suit your needs.


To make sure you get where you’re going without having to rely on physical maps or your phone, then a simple and affordable navigation system is something you should consider for your car.

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