Uber plans to close its UberRUSH courier service to restaurant deliveries

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In 2015, Uber launched its UberRush courier service in New York, San Francisco and Chicago. Delivering almost everything from dry cleaning and flowers to courier packages. Because Uber promised that ‘customer can get anything in just five minutes’. Uber now plan to shut down its delivery logistics platform, which means that UberRush will not be cannibalizing the market on May 8. You can also review other delivery services at autoxpedia.com.

Instead, food services are being pushed over to UberEats, a company spinoff dedicated to getting customers their restaurant orders. And given that restaurant delivers have generally been the bulk of Rush orders, it seems as though with departure of restaurants, Rush will cease to the exist as we know it.



While Uber is not shutting down UberRush completely, they just is trying to transfer its restaurant customer to over to its separate, UberEats platform. UberRUSH, meanwhile, will be closely detailed to delivery and logistics operations for the non-prepared food markets. UberEATS will focus on food going forward.

Uber also plans to restructure pricing on Rush beginning in May. Currently, Rush deliveries cost $5.50 for the first mile plus $2.50 per extra mile in New York; $5.99 for the first mile plus $2.99 for each additional mile in San Francisco; and $6.30 for the first mile plus $1.80 for each additional mile in Chicago, according to the company’s official website.

While this may seem like meaningless deck-shuffling to some, the end result should make the company overall a more responsive company that offers a better client experience. Though it does sort of put a crimp in the notion of food delivery by mobile just about anywhere, that is a point that’s being worked on elsewhere as well, and should not be too restricted with all the new developments coming up.