What To Do When Accidents Happen

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Getting in a car accident is a terrifying experience. You don’t know what the results are until you’ve had time to step away from the scene, you’re in shock, and you can’t control what’s going on. As soon as you regain control, take these actions immediately.

Call Emergency Services

Unless you just had a fender-bender and both you and the other car’s passengers agree that everyone is fine, call emergency services immediately. A passerby may have already done so, but you should check that the police are on their way, as well as medical services if anyone is hurt. As you wait, remove your passengers and your insurance documents from the car. Take pictures of the scene for your insurance company, and prepare to answer all the police’s questions when they arrive.

Assess the Damage to Your Car

Once you’ve addressed any life-threatening conditions, assess the damage to your car. If you were not at fault, the other person’s insurance must pay for an auto body shop Denver CO to repair your vehicle. However, if the cost of repairs is more than your car’s worth, it is totaled. You receive a payment for your car’s value, which you can use to buy a new car. Still, in mild accidents, insurance companies usually cover the damage. If your car is usable, exchange insurance information with the other person and check with the police officer that you are free to go. In more serious cases, call a tow truck to remove your car from the scene.

Work With Your Insurance Company

The next few days are full of phone calls with your and the other person’s insurance companies. Give your provider pictures of the incident and your account of what happened. When neither party admits fault, the insurance companies must determine who will pay, and this process can take a while. Don’t lie to cover up your misdeeds, but don’t admit fault if you didn’t do anything wrong. Even though the questions become repetitive, keep on answering your company’s calls. After all, it’s the only way to get money for your car’s repairs.

It’s easy to slip into panic mode when you get into an accident. To promote your safety and ensure that you don’t get swindled, though, you must remain present as you, the other party, and law enforcement sort out the incident. Hopefully, once your insurance company settles the case, you’ll be ready to get back on the road.